Working on the Go with MaxxMobile

Working on the Go with MaxxMobile
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Working on the Go with MaxxMobile


MaxxMobile is MaxxVault’s document management solution for working on the go. Employees are increasingly working on the go or outside the office. Because of this, you need a mobile solution to ensure that they are able to work wherever they are. Your staff is not only working at a desktop computer from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. MaxxMobile is here to help them work on their smartphones or laptops when they are away from the office. You get the same benefits as MaxxVault document management software on your mobile device, so check out some of them below.

On the Go Accessibility

MaxxMobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices so you can access all your documents while working on the go. All content stored in MaxxCloud repository is available wherever you are working on MaxxMobile. Your important documents are available for your employees to view, open and cycle through whether they are working at home or on location with a client. Employees can search files, collaborate on content, and edit files. In addition, users initiate tasks, complete workflow, assign work, or monitor tasks directly in the app. You can even sync documents without an Internet connection and connect to any number of cloud accounts at the same time. Whatever task is essential to your business, MaxxMobile can help you do it.

Secure On the Go

MaxxMobile is just as secure as MaxxVault desktop solutions. Enterprise-class security features protect your private company information and files. Full-time data encryption keeps your data safe even from your mobile device. An additional feature of MaxxMobile allows you to set an off-line expiration date for content that you download from the Cloud. Unauthorized access is not permitted when using MaxxMobile.

Collaborate On the Go

You can collaborate effectively with MaxxMobile. When one employee is on location with a client and another is working from home, your employees can still communicate effectively through MaxxMobile. Employees open or download documents, edit and even save back onto the Cloud. Moreover, you can easily view the version history or revert to previous versions as needed. Collaboration becomes effortless with MaxxMobile.

Workflow On the Go

Employees can quickly view workflow tasks from their queues with MaxxMobile. You can set up workflows, initiate and complete tasks in the app from wherever you are working. Managers can clearly see task progress and assignments completed from the app even when away from the office.

MaxxVault updates MaxxMobile regularly so you never have to worry about your app being out of date. Your business documents are accessible wherever you are, so you can edit files, collaborate with colleagues, and monitor workflow securely from your mobile device. Whatever task is essential to your business, MaxxMobile can help you do it while working on the go.