Workflow Automation Tools for Fully Remote Companies

Workflow Automation Tools for Fully Remote Companies
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Workflow Automation Tools for Fully Remote Companies

There is an ongoing debate about the efficacy and value of remote work. At the same time, many companies are testing the waters through remote contracts and hiring. Taking the experiments a step further, technology now makes it possible to maintain entirely remote companies. While the global remote workforce grows annually, a lack of common workspace presents unique challenges. Enter: workflow automation. This collaborative software allows your remote company to improve the efficiency of its workflow without micromanaging your employees.

Use Independent Technology (Rather Than Direct Supervision)

Trust is essential for a long-distance business to work. No employee wants to be micromanaged, and you want to be sure that your company is running at its highest capacity. Workflow automation software instills trust in your employees while also keeping a close eye on their progress. The program’s analytics show a complete picture of employees’ accomplishments and challenges while allowing autonomy in their work. You empower your employees by giving them responsibility for their work without sacrificing close supervision of your business.

Keep Your Team Connected

Remote companies are most successful when employees feel connected to coworkers, even from a distance. Connection and collaboration require professional engagement but truly thrive when social outlets are also available. Workflow software is easily integrated with real-time chat programs and face-to-face video conferencing. Additionally, document workflow platforms include safe and easy file sharing to ensure that every employee has the most up-to-date and relevant documents. Use the mobile app for regular text check-ins and project updates to keep your whole team on the same page.

Stay on Track

When employees are located across the globe, it’s challenging to keep projects on schedule. By putting all necessary tasks into an automated workflow system, every team has a clear trajectory. Any time a new task arises, add it to the queue and it immediately syncs with your team’s gameplan. This simple and efficient form of workflow automation ensures that you identify any roadblocks immediately and that your team works effectively and collaboratively.  

Fully remote companies appear to be making great headway in many industries. This is due at least partly to increasing mobile-friendly technology that offers workflow automation. Companies must choose software that builds trust and accountability while also encouraging connection and collaboration. When remote companies select a workflow platform that creates a team despite the distance, success is not far behind. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today to discover the workflow options for your organization.