With the Release of MaxxVault 5.3, Document Management Is Everywhere You Need It

MaxxVault 5.3 Simplifies Document Management by Making it Part of the Desktop

ISLANDIA, NY (July 19, 2012) –MaxxVault LLC specializes in Enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) which provide enhanced document security, cost reductions through improved efficiency and tools to ensure regulatory compliance. Today, MaxxVault LLC is pleased to announce the release of MaxxVault 5.3. Fresh from being named Buyer’s Laboratory’s Summer 2012 Pick for “Outstanding Document Management Solution,” the release of MaxxVault 5.3 features tighter integration into the desktop for a more efficient and simpler user experience.

Leading the list of new features are key additions to the product that reduce the need for users to open the MaxxVault interface to find and view the documents they need. “‘Simple Just Got Easier’ is not just a tag line for us,” said MaxxVault CEO Bruce Malyon. “One of the key stumbling blocks to the introduction of any new application is user acceptance. That is why the MaxxVault interface has a familiar appearance to other popular applications and can also be customized to each user’s function. We want to decrease the appearance of ‘change’ and the amount users have to learn. With MaxxVault 5.3 most users won’t even have to access the MaxxVault application but will simply notice that the applications they currently use have more features.”

Users already have the ability to easily save and index documents to MaxxVault via the MaxxVault Desktop folder. With the new MaxxVault Desktop Search, Windows system administrators can configure a universal hot-key which, when used, will launch a list of MaxxVault document searches that are available to the user based on their security profile. Users can quickly retrieve and view documents without leaving their current application(s) — all without the need for special integration.

In addition to the desktop search, new tools are available to Microsoft Office users. The MaxxVault workflow can notify a user that a document requires their attention via email. With MaxxVault 5.3 a worker will be able to click the document link to retrieve a document from the secure repository, make edits and changes in Microsoft Word and save the document back into MaxxVault as a new version — all without opening the MaxxVault interface.

Outlook users will also enjoy the new drag-and-store features for capturing important emails. Emails dragged into Outlook folders that are monitored by MaxxVault 5.3 will be imported and auto-indexed by the email information (Subject, To, From, etc.) and by the folder names. Now, a document stored in a sub-folder called “Invoices” in the root folder “Vendor ABC” would have these values automatically applied to the “Document Type” and “Vendor Name” fields. All root and all sub-folder names could be mapped to the MaxxVault index fields for quick document identification and easier retrieval. In addition, MaxxVault 5.3 will also give users the option to save email attachments as separate documents.

“Our clients are demanding more as they get more familiar with using MaxxVault,” said Ken Bly, MaxxVault CTO. “One of the popular requests was for a simple way to monitor the collection of documents needed to form a complete package. For instance, an HR hiring process may require a completed application, the resume, the interview notes and test results before hiring approval can be granted. MaxxVault can now be easily configured to monitor the collection of these documents and even send email reminders to those responsible for inputting the missing records.”

Another enhancement derived from customer request are new workflow options. Users can now be given more options at each step including: 1) options to set or prompt for index values, 2) send linked documents to a specific folder or 3) assign the current document to a different workflow. If this last option is executed, the document will return to the current workflow when the new one is complete.

With a multitude of significant new enhancements and improvements in MaxxVault 5.3 – just a few months since the release of 5.2 – MaxxVault is clearly staying on the leading edge of document management.


About MaxxVault
MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. Benefits of MaxxVault Enterprise include: reduced costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. MaxxVault is an open system; it is built using the latest technology which provides enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems. MaxxVault is quickly adopted by users and administrators. MaxxVault is a Red Herring 2011 Top 100 North America Award winner, a CRN 2011 Top 20 Cloud vendor and a BLI Five Star solution. Simple just got easier.
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