With New Version of MaxxVault Everything is Now Complete. MaxxVault 6.5.5 Introduces New Features, Modules and Pricing Model.

MaxxForms and MaxxVault Enterprise Complete Licensing Model are Game Changers

Bohemia, NY— March 22nd 2016 — MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Document Management Systems software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5.5 is now available. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be a leader in the mid and enterprise markets. Whether you decide to buy an on-premise solution or have it hosted in MaxxCloud, you never have to worry about sacrificing scalability or functionality. We have included over 150 new features and enhancements in the new release. We have also introduced a new e-forms designer called MaxxForms which is now included in the new MaxxVault Enterprise Complete server licensing model. MaxxVault Enterprise Complete now includes all MaxxVault modules with the exception of 3rd party and embedded line-of-business connectors. Existing MaxxVault clients have an upgrade option to move to the new MaxxVault Enterprise Complete server.

Scalability, ease of use and flexibility are still the driving forces behind the MaxxVault Software Platform but in this release we wanted to make the new version a game changer when it came to the new features and pricing. MaxxVault 6.5.5 has added several key enhancements around document control collaboration and publishing. Prior versions of MaxxVault had the traditional document management features for check-in and check-out but we have added structured rules for publishing and notifications of content in this release.   Another big feature in this release is our new Outlook Panel Integration for Outlook 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Now both on-premise and hosted clients can have an embedded MaxxVault panel right within Outlook. Users no longer have to leave their Outlook interface to store emails or search for key documents in MaxxVault. Direct access to a user’s Workflow queue is also right there for easy access. Clients have always been asking for better ways to manage their email content and we think we have delivered an industry leading option with our Outlook Panel in version 6.5.5. MaxxForms is a browser based drag and drop designer that makes creating custom online forms as easy as 1-2-3. Users can drag and drop their way to creating fillable online forms that are converted to PDF format and can be automatically launched into a business workflow. This release also has updated connectors for DocuSign and HP Teleform/LiquidOffice that are available to all MaxxVault or MaxxCloud customers.

“MaxxVault solutions have always been one of the best overall out-of-the-box features vs cost ratio in the market but with the new MaxxVault Enterprise Complete licensing model we have greatly improved our overall value proposition compared to other key industry players,” states Alex Johnson, VP Software Development.   “Our development team has been working hard over the last 12 months to get version 6.5.5 to market. I am very proud of our team and extremely excited about this release.”

MaxxVault Enterprise 6.5.5 gives our customers better tools to create, control, process and publish content than ever before. The new MaxxForms designer is a game changer because it further broadens content creation and collaboration capabilities within MaxxVault and MaxxCloud. Our “Simple Just Got Easier” company tagline just became complete with the release MaxxVault 6.5.5.

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