With a New Year Comes A New Version of MaxxDocs

With a New Year Comes A New Version of MaxxDocs
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With a New Year Comes A New Version of MaxxDocs

New MaxxDocs Version Provides Enterprise Features But Not The Enterprise Price – 15 named users, over 70+ features and support for $3,000


With the latest update to MaxxDocs 6.0.20, we have added some key enterprise features that our clients and partners have been asking for. We added an external database lookup function and also a simple routing tool called MaxxFlow. Both of these types of features have traditionally only been available in more costly solutions and not offered in an entry level package.

Adding a lookup function to MaxxDocs will help automate the document indexing of files stored in the repository. Users will now be able to walk up to their Sharp or Kyocera MFP, scan a document and index it using a unique value like invoice number or employee ID. The document will be stored in MaxxDocs and a lookup will run against the line of business database to automatically populate other key index fields. Using a lookup to populate key index fields is a real time saver and will make the indexing process even easier for all clients. The lookup feature can also be manually run in the MaxxDocs desktop client and also in the Sharp OSA and Kyocera HyPAS MFP interfaces.


What is MaxxFlow? MaxxFlow is not meant to be a workflow engine, it’s really a simple routing tool. Customers can define a particular document routing process and select the users who need to approve or reject the document. The users are only presented with 2 options in MaxxFlow – Accept or Reject. If a user selects Accept then it moves to the next person in the process or if it’s the last person in the process it moves the document to the designated completed folder. If any user selects Reject it goes to the Rejection folder and stops the process. Before a user selects Reject they can place a note as to why it’s being rejected. All documents that have gone through a MaxxFlow process have the routing history tracked in the MaxxFlow tab. Users can be notified via email when they have a new MaxxFlow task and can also easily get to all their task via a MaxxFlow hot folder that list all of their current documents needing review.


MaxxDocs has also added an updated document viewer for the browser interface and also is certified to run on Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser. The desktop client viewer now supports most versions of DICOM and DWG image files. These new file formats are 2 of 20 that have been added, and are currently only offered as read only – so no annotation or markup support at this time. We are excited to offer these great new enterprise features in a solution that still meets small business budgets.

Have a great 2016 everyone. Happy New Year!!!

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