Why Electronic Document Management is a Must

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Why Electronic Document Management is a Must

Quick Filing

Electronic document management systems are quick and easy to use. Traditional filing systems take up a great deal of space and time. The larger they grow, the more difficult they are to navigate and update. Paperwork is generated with every change. Because of this, the amount of paper used really adds up. With electronic document management, new versions of documents can be uploaded to the correct place in seconds. Even the smallest of changes can be added to your archives with minimal work. With an EDMS, your office never again needs to worry about the struggle of filing every change to your office.

Efficient Indexing

With an electronic document management system, indexing happens automatically upon upload. Employees choose fields for the new document, ranging from specific to very general. All your documents will, from the time of upload, be easily found in your electronic filing system. Searching is incredibly easy on an EDMS. To this effect, you can locate documents using the full title, or you can search using broader categories. As indexing also uses date stamps, you can complete a search based on time of upload, or for the most recent version of your documents. As a result, employees find the documents they need faster and more accurately than with a traditional filing system.

Saving Money

An electronic document system is completely free to use, once it has been set up. With traditional filing systems, printing costs really begin to add up, especially in a field which is constantly evolving. Any time a new version of a document is released, it must be printed in order for it to be circulated and archived. With an EDMS, it is simply uploaded to the server. At this point, all users who need access to the document can view it online. The document is also updated and archived in the system. This comes in handy when an older version of a form or protocol is needed as well. Rather than searching through stacks of old documents, a simple search will bring up every version of the document that has ever been created.

Electronic document management systems are an integral part of any modern business. Managing your documents electronically is good for the environment, and it saves your company a great deal of hassle and money as well. Electronic document management is a must for any modern businesses.