Why Document Storage Software Is Not Enough

Why Document Storage Software Is Not Enough
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Why Document Storage Software Is Not Enough

Document storage software certainly has its benefits. When you use this type of software, you’ll notice a great return on your investment while you save time, money, and storage space. You’ll get much more security than you would have received with paper documents. However, document storage software isn’t enough when you can take it one step further. Instead of mere document storage, why not use a document¬†management¬†solution? Document management gives you more options and versatility than document storage alone. We’ve listed just a few of the many benefits of document management software below.

Search and Edit

Document storage software allows you to upload your documents as PDFs and other image-based formats. From there, you can organize your documents into a virtual filing cabinet of sorts. This way, you can find your documents quickly and easily. However, this is where the capabilities of document storage come to an end. If you need to find specific information within those PDF files, you’ll have to comb through them just as you would have done with a piece of paper. Document management software, on the other hand, lets you search through the text so that you’ll find exactly what you need. Furthermore, this software also allows you to edit, saving you the time and frustration of typing up new documents or editing from a physical sheet of paper.

Use Key Information

When you use information that you’ve uploaded with document storage software, you have to extrapolate that information yourself. Take receipts, for example. You store your receipts to protect your business in case of an audit, but you have to log the information into Quickbooks or another software yourself. What if you could move that information from your receipts to your financial software automatically? With document management software, you can do just that, saving yourself even more time.

Customization Options

Customization options for document storage software are few and far between. Document management, on the other hand, gives you plenty of ways to customize. When companies have different needs for scanning, storing, and editing, document management solutions can adapt to fit those needs. When looking for document management software, talk to your consultants so that they understand your needs, and then they can work with you to craft a solution.

Document Storage Software and More

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