When Disaster Strikes: Why You Need a Secure Document Management System

When Disaster Strikes: Why You Need a Secure Document Management System
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When Disaster Strikes: Why You Need a Secure Document Management System

Floods, hurricanes, theft, fire… No one wants to imagine a scenario that includes a significant loss of property. However, business leaders must seriously consider the possibility of disaster so they can prepare for any worst-case scenarios that come their way. A secure document management system gives companies peace of mind about all the potential ways that life can go sideways. Disaster can’t always be predicted or avoided, but it doesn’t have to win the day.

Automatic Offsite Backup

Every company backs up data in some way. However, for a backup to be effective it needs some key qualities. Firstly, it can’t be paper. Not only is a paper copy expensive to create and store, but paper is extremely vulnerable to the same risks as the original. If your office can catch fire, so can your offsite storage full of files. Paperless backups are the only way to ensure security. Secondly, your backup needs to be automatic. Part of the reason disasters do damage is because we don’t expect them, so you can’t hope for forewarning to hit the backup button. Finally, backups need to be offsite. Your PCs, desks, and other on-site equipment can be replaced, but the intellectual property in your documents cannot. Keeping your backup files in secure offsite servers mitigates your risk of losing the irreplaceable heart of your organization.

File-Level Security

Natural disasters are certainly a risk. At the same time, there are plenty of man-made disasters that can also bring down your company. Corporate espionage, carelessness by employees and clients, and information theft are real risks when your documents are not safe. A secure document management system includes file-level protection that prevents anyone, internal or external, from accessing your documents without the correct clearance. The system allows you to carefully curate credentials and access to prevent anyone from stumbling onto unauthorized information. Create user profiles, time-limited hyperlinks, and other security layers to grant necessary permissions on a temporary basis. Each file is encrypted and protected from any malicious attempts at access.

Business as Usual

In the case of disaster or attack, it is not unusual for companies to remain out of commission for months. In fact, even when a company does get up and running again, the loss of confidence and time may eventually cost them everything. A secure document management system ensures that your organization adopts a document recovery strategy. In the case of disaster, your company could access a full backup of all the information you need for a restart, from anywhere and at any time. As a result, you face a frustrating and unfortunate inconvenience as opposed to the end of your company.

Disasters are often unavoidable, but no one should run a company out of fear. To protect your organization and mitigate your risk of tragedy, choose a secure document management system for your recovery needs. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.