What Would Happen to Your Data in a Natural Disaster?

What Would Happen to Your Data in a Natural Disaster?
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What Would Happen to Your Data in a Natural Disaster?

No one plans on a disaster. It would be terrible to spend your life looking around corners and cringing, waiting for a horrible thing to happen. At the same time, there is a difference between planning on a disaster and planning for one. By using digital document management software, you can be prepared for even the worst of situations while carrying on with business as usual.

The Limits of Protecting Paper

There are many ways to protect your most important business documents. Locking them in filing cabinets with limited access makes it less likely they will fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, copies ensure that one misplaced paper doesn’t equal lost information. But in reality, nothing can protect your paper documents in the case of a natural disaster. If you ask a business owner why they are moving away from paper, they rarely mention disaster protection, and this is a gross oversight. Cloud-based platforms are a guarantee against virtually every calamity your organization may face.

What Really Makes a Business

In reality, the building, facilities, equipment, inventory, and financial assets of an organization are not what is at the core of its existence. In these cases, insurance covers and replaces any losses. Instead, the heart of a business is its ideas. If a business is going to survive a disaster, it is essential that plans be in place to protect its data. Without an organization’s information, rebuilding will mean starting from scratch, which most companies could not survive.

Forming a Data Recovery Strategy

It’s easy to think it could never happen to you. Floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires all seem distant and unlikely. Regardless of the likelihood of disaster, your company takes steps to mitigate risk in countless ways. Protecting yourself from a complete loss of data is a logical and sensible choice.

As you look for ways to secure your customer data, financial documents, receipts, HR paperwork, and countless other paper hard copies, digital document management software should be your first stop. Since document management platforms mitigate the risk of data loss, cloud-based document management solutions shift the responsibility for data recovery to the experts. A full backup of all the information your company would need for a restart would be waiting for you if needed, ready to be accessed from anywhere. As a result, a disaster becomes a tragic inconvenience rather than your organization’s end.

Shifting to Digital Document Management Software

If you’ve made it this long without moving to cloud-based document management, you probably have specific reasons. Maybe digital document management software seems intimidating and too big of a change for your staff. Or maybe the transition seems like it would be costly and labor-intensive. Regardless of your hesitations, the ease of digitization will likely surprise you. Moving to a cloud-based system has countless benefits for your entire organization. And there is no replacement for the security you can feel knowing that your company’s data is safe in the case of natural disaster.

Adopting Cloud Document Managment Software

There is no way to protect your paper documents to withstand a building collapse or other tragic event. As intimidating as it may seem, adopting cloud document management software is a flexible process. At the same time, it ensures that your data, the heart of your company, is available and ready for any recovery and rebuilding you may need. If you are interested in digital document management software for your organization, contact MaxxVault for more information today.