What Is Content Management

What is Content Management?

Content Management is an overall term used to describe the managing, processing, access, and control of information within a company. A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that companies can use to help improve business processes and overall efficiency within their organization. Think of a giant file cabinet, where a workforce team can place everything pertaining to the business. Content Management Systems can be used across an organization. A good CMS is more of a business strategy than just a software application.

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Considering the data to be managed

Content Management data can be grouped, in most cases, as structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. Depending on the information to be managed, the CMS solution can vary.

Highly structured information will most likely lead to a faster ROI and great gains in efficiency because things can be automated. On the other end of the spectrum is completely unstructured content, which might have to be processed with the help of human intervention. A Content Management System (CMS) that can handle all of this data will help companies manage, control, share, and dispose of digital content - but that’s only the repository side of the overall strategy.

Content Management Systems helps in the area of transactional information as well, which is data that is involved in a key business process that needs to have a decision or end result. An example of a transactional information business process might be an invoice approval process.  A company's transactional information processes can be greatly improved by the right Content Management solution.

Another ability of Content Management Systems is for document collaboration and document creation. This software can have features like access control and check in/out that can be used to edit and publish content. Some Content Management solutions can also be used to create new content with online forms and digital signatures.

Choosing the right system

There are various levels of software applications when it comes to Content Management Systems in the market today. Some CMS packages are designed to archive medium-size office documents, while others are built for full-scale enterprise solutions that manage all types of content. In the end, all of these systems try to meet the same objective: to provide a systematic method for creating, capturing, processing, categorizing, storing, locating, and sharing content.

All Content Management solutions are not created equal, so you’ll want to take your time when determining the right one for your company.

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