How Web Forms Improve Real Estate Agent Offices

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How Web Forms Improve Real Estate Agent Offices

It’s no surprise that your real estate office uses a lot forms. Thankfully, web forms are one way to streamline many processes around a real estate office. They help to passively generate warm leads, giving your sales team an easier time contacting interesting parties. They also cut down on unorganized clutter in your filing system. Lastly, they even help your office work better as a unit. Web forms help make real estate manageable.

Less loose clutter

Paper forms are a risky way to gather information. On the one hand, you have it in your hand, but on the other hand, it’s much easier to lose these loose papers. If a file for the contact hasn’t been started yet, there’s nothing to show that you’re even missing anything. A file that slips between a desk and the wall is effectively gone forever. Without the reminder that someone was interested, your staff won’t follow up. Unfortunately, the potential client moves on to find another realtor and the opportunity passes. Thankfully, with web forms, applications are saved automatically upon submission. You can’t casually misplace them.

The office works better as a unit

Real estate agents have a reputation for being a little cutthroat. It’s true that a business that depends on commission doesn’t encourage helpfulness. However, a certain amount of cooperation is essential to success for all. An office that won’t pull together will never move anything monumental. Fortunately, web forms keep information organized and easy to access. It helps anyone in the office reach out for help and find the information that they need.

Passively generate warm leads

In addition, you can enable web forms on your website. This makes it extremely easy for anyone who’s looking to buy, sell, or lease a property to drop you a line. For example, you can get their name, their company, an email address, and phone number. Once someone puts in that information, it’s obvious they expect to hear from you. Just like that, you have a warm lead to follow up on. While passive lead generation is not always successful, it’s always better to have it set up. It’s hard to argue with leads that fall into your lap.

Liberally apply metadata to listings

It’s no surprise that a perfect memory is part of a real estate agent’s skill set. For instance, they need accurate knowledge of property specifications, price range, and countless other pieces of information about each listing. Multiply that by a few dozen, and you’re looking at a real estate agent’s memory. While nothing compares with the human mind, metadata helps improve an already outstanding memory. For example, using web forms to classify the properties in your system allows you to input many different types of metadata. You can search and cross reference terms so you can find the best fit for every client, every time.

Web forms can help a real estate office stay organized. It puts all the metadata in one place for easy access. Your office can fire on all cylinders. There’s less loose clutter and more ways to gain warm leads without actively chasing them down. Web forms are a useful addition to any real estate office.