Six Ways Enterprise Information Management Improves Customer Service

Six Ways Enterprise Information Management Improves Customer Service
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Six Ways Enterprise Information Management Improves Customer Service

Enterprise information management helps to improve relationships with customers by improving customer service significantly. Through automating intelligent workflows, companies are freed up to focus on the customers. Various automation makes the act of doing business quicker and smarter. Further, these systems are more conducive to rapid troubleshooting. Happier customers lead to more brand loyalty. Likewise, more efficient workflows mean happier more productive employees. Here are some ways enterprise information management helps to improve your customer service.

Faster Purchasing Options

Today, online purchasing has lengthened a business’s operating hours. A workday is no longer eight to ten hours Monday through Friday, but instead, it is a 24/7 job. The convenience of making purchases and placing orders online draws customers to companies with a robust online presence. A good enterprise information management system strengthens the online experience. As a result, your customers will appreciate the no hassle buying/returning options. This eventually translates in how they show their loyalty.

Customer Portals

Part of a strengthened online experience is allowing customers for build and manage portals. Creating wishlists, tracking orders and marking favorites makes it more comfortable for the customer to return to you again and again. With an enterprise information management system in place, your customers can manage their own experience and preferences. This control helps to improve the overall customer experience online.

Faster Customer Feedback

Through online forums, feedback forms and social media, providing customer feedback is faster and more efficient. Gone are the days of handwritten comment cards. The ability to get feedback and process it has improved, and enterprise information management tools make it all possible. By helping your customers feel heard, they experience a more in-depth satisfaction with your company. As a result, they often provide repeat business.

Immediate Troubleshooting Assistance

Just like the regular work day, customer service troubleshooting is no longer a Monday through Friday, nine to five service. With enterprise information management allowing staff to be employed from all over the world subsequently customer service is always open. Ready to help with any issues the moment they happen, this gives customers a deeper level of satisfaction with the products and services they are buying.

Faster Trend Spotting

Your enterprise information management system works to organize various forms of information. For example, when you receive feedback from customers your EIM gathers and sorts the data. As a result, you can spot trending issues with ease. With the ability to take in a lot of information and categorize it you catch problems faster. Additionally, once you identify problem areas, faster resolutions can be handled and communicated. When trends are determined, companies can make a collective decision on how to handle an ongoing issue, whether it be a recall or whatever they choose.

Higher Profile Problem Resolution

With the combination of online capabilities and social media, problems can be solved quickly and with higher visibility. This is good for two reasons. First, it details problem resolutions that affect more than just a few reporting parties. This proactive approach to troubleshooting lessens the volume of feedback you receive. Moreover, a responsive business improves public relationships and sends a message to the buying public that your company is in tune with its customers.

High-quality enterprise management plans have changed the way you do business forever. Processes that used to get bogged down in paperwork, moving only as fast as the employees, are now automated for faster results. Customer service has been revolutionized by automating ways in which customers interface with their preferred companies. It’s a smart idea to keep improved customer service as a high priority when looking at improving workflows. Not only will doing this provide customer loyalty, but it will reduce the workload on your employees and allow for more customer-driven work.