The Value of ECM Software in Today’s Multi-Platform Marketplace

The Value of ECM Software in Today's Multi-Platform Marketplace
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The Value of ECM Software in Today’s Multi-Platform Marketplace

ECM software provides an opportunity to become an innovator. The fast-paced work of multi-platform selling has changed how quickly customers expect new services and features. Instead of forcing your business to adapt a competitor’s business design and procedures, ECM solutions build on your own systems and data assets.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Customers expect a lot from businesses, no matter where or how they interact with them. Consumers demand the same experience in-store, online, or via app. Meeting these demands is challenging enough without worrying about the competition. Just because you’ve met a client’s expectations, however, doesn’t mean they won’t choose someone else who exceeds those expectations. Good simply isn’t good enough, especially in a marketplace that continuously evolves to provide faster, more convenient services.

ECM software helps you do more than adapt to shifting industry standards. Instead, it revolutionizes your workflow, services, and speed through assets you may not realize you possess. Information is the greatest of these assets. Big data constantly reveals new potential uses, and in the age of digital payments, online newsletters, mobile apps, and web browsing records, you have more data than you probably realize. Enterprise content management turns all that data into new techniques and features that put you ahead of the competition. The data you possess is unique to your business, and these differences as the basis for innovation and creativity. ECM software builds on both.

More Platforms Lead to More Changes

The Internet is here to stay, and with it comes an escalating scale of rapid and dramatic changes to business practices. Today, having on online presence is just as if not more important than a brick and mortar storefront. Not only does it help you reach more customers, but it also helps you serve them in the ways they prefer. For example, although fast food restaurants are already fast, customers didn’t want to wait in line, juggle their wallet at the register, or fish out a list of requests from people back at the office. So, more and more fast food restaurants now offer mobile ordering and payment options. A few years ago, this would have looked ridiculous. Now, it’s a feature of first-adapters.

Essentially, the more platforms customers expect you to run, the more changes you will need. Although fast food restaurants already had desktop and mobile-friendly websites, branded apps changed what was possible. As soon as possibilities emerge, customers expect them to become realities. This holds true across all industries. If you sell across multiple platforms, you will need to adapt faster with less precedent to guide your way. ECM software is the perfect guide in these situations because it helps you improve based on information you already have.

Change has always been inevitable, but never at this speed. ECM software may make the difference between businesses that merely survive or thrive in the coming years, and these solutions have already transformed a number of major industries. Remember, every business could use improvements, even if there is nothing necessarily wrong with how they do business.