Understanding Your Electronic Document Management Software

Understanding Your Electronic Document Management Software
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Understanding Your Electronic Document Management Software

The evidence in support of electronic document management software convinced you. You’ve done your research, chosen a provider, and purchased your software package. You feel confident that this was the best choice for your company. So, what now? You’ve read about all that the software can do, but how does it actually work? Today we will explore four questions about the nature of electronic document management to help you understand this investment you’ve made. Not only will this enlighten your understanding, but it will also help you explain it to others on your team.

Where Are My Documents Actually Stored?

The elimination of physical document storage regains valuable room in your workspace. It also drastically reduces the amount of time you spend managing documents. But where exactly are your documents now? Many clients find this shift unnerving, as paper documents are cumbersome but also lend an air of security because they can be held in your hands. There are a few different options for electronic document storage, but the most common is off-site servers, or larger and more powerful computers, either owned or rented by your service provider. Thanks to links between these servers and their multiple locations, your data is more secure and accessible than ever.

How Does This Integrate With My Other Software Platforms?

One of the greatest selling points for electronic document management software is its ability to integrate with the software you already use. This works because more document management platforms include protocols which facilitate secure file sharing and between programs. Often these protocols run in the background, allowing users to have the same user experience while maintaining a connection to the entire network. In other words, your many different platforms connect and share information, but the use of the program does not change in any significant way.

What Automation Features Can I Utilize?

An overlooked benefit of electronic document management software is the automation features. Yes, the system functions as a repository for your data, but it also provides far more. Workflow automation can do a myriad of things to lighten your daily load. Generate invoices and payments, follow up on correspondence, track project progress, and much more. Don’t be ignorant about all that your new system can do. You’ve made the investment, now boost your ROI event further by running it through its paces.

Who Has Access to My Files?

The security of electronic document management software is truly the top-of-the-line. With user authentication and document control features, you manage who sees what, all from your own user profile. Separate profiles can be created at many different security levels, from clients to administration. Each profile is given selective permission, protecting you and your data from costly mistakes. Additionally, data trails document every file access with a timestamp. This prepares you for audit and gives you the extra comfort of knowing who has your information.

Choosing electronic document management software was your first step toward an automated, highly efficient company. Now it’s time to learn just what this new system can do. Want to learn more? Simply contact MaxxVault today to find more about how your software can serve you.