Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software

Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software
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Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software

Let’s continue to discuss the truth about the many myths of enterprise document management software. Could EDMS benefit your business? Consider these points along with our previous post to distinguish fact from fiction.

EDMS is one size fits all.

Many companies think that if competitors are investing in EDMS, then they must also get the same system to remain competitive. The reality is that you need to study your business and workflow before you purchase software. A popular EDMS is not necessarily the best one for your business. First, evaluate the needs of your organization before you take the plunge.

In addition, just because a system provides more features, it does not mean that it is a better value. If you are paying more for a system because it has extra features that you do not need, then the advantage is diminished. Carefully consider your business needs first while evaluating an EDMS provider. Do not fall into the trap of buying because of the bells and whistles provided with a program. Buy because it will meet your business needs.

EDMS only provides ROI long-term.

Many businesses believe that return on investment only appears in the long run, so they are hesitant to invest. You will experience the most benefit long-term, but you also begin to experience benefits in the short-term. When you switch to EDMS, certainly digitizing files involves a potentially large cost. But you experience cost savings from reduced paper, filing cabinets and storage space. You reduce time spent searching for files and see greater efficiency in customer service. These savings start showing ROI in a shorter period of time than you anticipate.

EDMS Realities – Planning

Now that you see that these common myths about enterprise document management software are not fact, take the time to consider your purchase before you buy. Here are five tips to help you evaluate your needs.

  1. Determine the size of your digital archive. Take stock of your paper-based archive and determine what needs to be digitized. It is common to store “everything,” but that is not really an effective strategy. It could end up costing you more than to set guidelines for storing and archiving documents. Ask yourself which documents you really need to keep and for how long and then set the archive to run automatically.
  2. Study the processes in your organization. Evaluate your employees’ tasks and needs as they work in order to determine how EDMS can increase productivity. An effective document management system begins with a careful study in how it will be used in the company.
  3. Research different enterprise document management software to meet your company’s needs. Focus on user needs so that implementation will be painless. Find EDMS that integrates platforms that your employees are already using to increase implementation.

EDMS Realities – Implementation

  1. Convert your paper archive into a digital archive by scanning stored documents. Certainly this piece of the EMDS system is daunting, but by completing this task quickly, your system can begin showing ROI faster.
  2. Plan your filing and archive system carefully so that document retrieval is easy. EDMS is effective only when employees can find information when it is needed. So, consider your user needs and organize your digital filing system so that users can find the information they need.
  3. Configure workflows to make business processes already in use more efficient. While some change is necessary to implement enterprise document management systems, minimize the changes by mimicking workflows that employees already use. Making the process familiar to employees will increase implementation and efficiency over current systems.

While there are objections to purchasing and implementing enterprise document management software, the facts really silence the fiction. Consider your business needs carefully in order to determine the best EDMS system for you. With MaxxVault, you can find many solutions for any size business that are configurable to meet your business needs.