Tidying Up Your Company’s Document Storage Systems

Tidying Up Your Company’s Document Storage Systems
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Tidying Up Your Company’s Document Storage Systems

Marie Kondo has taken the West by storm with her wildly popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and the Netflix show it inspired. Millions of people are weeding through years worth of belongings and choosing to only keep the items that “spark joy.” In fact, second-hand stores have seen a spike in donations since the Netflix special was released at the beginning of this year. Our homes aren’t the only thing we should carefully curate, however. In fact, your company’s document storage systems are just as susceptible to clutter and waste. Here are three tips to keep your organization running efficiently and eliminate stress. Make your document storage tidy enough to impress Marie Kondo herself.

Go Paperless

One of Marie Kondo’s major principles is the elimination of physical clutter. If you look around your office and see masses of filing cabinets, overflowing inboxes, and piles of documents, it’s time to say goodbye to paper. By converting your physical documents to electronic files in document storage systems, you create a peaceful and efficient office space. And the benefits don’t stop there! When your documents are electronic, they are easier to secure and quicker to access. An electronic data management system transforms your office.

Reclaim Your Time

When you convert your paper documents into electronic files, you begin the process of tidying your physical space. Why not do the same for your schedule? Electronic document management systems enable users to find the files they need immediately. This saves hours in research and recovery. Additionally, electronic document systems contain workflow functions which keep your projects on schedule and every team member up to speed on what needs to be done. No more wasting time waiting around or hunting for the paperwork you need. All your necessary information is just a click away.

Put Your Mind at Ease

With a clear office and a peaceful schedule, your team is well on its way to efficiency. But no company can truly rest without the certainty that its data and documents are safe from intrusion or disaster. With this in mind, electronic document storage systems protect your files from any threats. File-level encryption and individualize security credentials guarantee that no one accesses your files without permission. At the same time, the system regularly and completely backs up your data to an off-site location. This ensures complete restoration in the case of a natural disaster or catastrophic event.

As the Tidy Up craze sweeps the nation, why not ride the wave and apply Marie Kondo’s principles in your company’s document storage? By going paperless, clearing your schedule, and securing your data, you operate from a new position of clarity and efficiency. And if that isn’t full of joy, then what is? If you are interested in maximizing your document storage systems, contact MaxxVault today.