Three Reasons Document Management is Better than Email

Three Reasons Document Management is Better than Email
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Three Reasons Document Management is Better than Email

Document management does everything that email does, and it does it better. If you need to share documents and files, use a comprehensive document management system. There are three specific benefits with document management that you just don’t get with email.

1. Retain possession of documents

One of the biggest aspects of security is controlling where your documents are stored. Everything that you send via email is downloaded first onto the email server, and then to the computer that the other party is using. Your client may not have the same security measures in place that you do. If anyone breaches the security of their setup, you could find yourself the real victim. Certain documents should never leave the control of your business. When you use a document management system to share files, the files themselves never leave your servers. You can prevent them from being downloaded from the cloud, altered beyond specifications, or saved locally. This allows you to retain possession of documents even if you need to share them with people beyond your organization. Your document management system should allow you to set up guest accounts and permissions.

2. Automates

How many items in your email inbox is just sitting there, waiting for you to reply? Everyone has one or two things that they really meant to get back to, and then it slipped your mind. Once you mark an email as “read”, the odds of you doing anything with it again is slim to none. Email is great for storing documents you want to be able to access everywhere, but it’s not great at getting the ball rolling so that things actually get done.

Document management can actually automate more of the workflow process. As soon as issues are addressed, the document can be accessed by the next person in the flow. This is a great way to reduce the time it takes to process for a document to get all the way through everyone it has to visit. Email can be sent again, but it can’t keep prompting someone to do it and pass it on. Document management software can.

3. Record access

Document management also helps security in one final way. You know, for sure, who has had access to the document. For clients working with sensitive, legally protected information (from medical records to court proceedings), this ability to log who accessed the files, from what computer, when, can be hugely important. Hopefully, you’ll never have to prove that someone broke confidentiality. However, the ability to verify access is best. When you have a good document management system you can do just that.

Document management is slightly, more fun and easier than email. You can protect your files coming and going. You can ensure that no one can hack in through a third party’s possession of the files, and keep a log of who accessed them when. Additionally, can also automate the workflow process so your documents get where they should go. Email just isn’t that good at reminding others!