Three Hidden Benefits of Document Control Software

Three Hidden Benefits of Document Control Software
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Three Hidden Benefits of Document Control Software

How much does paper filing really cost you? Many businesses struggle with the prospect of upgrading to document control software. Maybe, it really isn’t the cost. Perhaps they like the tried and true concept of having a billion pieces of paper at their fingertips. Although, the storage for that much paper would require its own storage room, so it really isn’t at their fingertips.

Downplaying the cost of paper storage is not the only excuse business owner’s provider for not wanting to purchase document control software. Another excuse is training. Business owners worry about getting all their employees trained. Additionally, they worry about the time needed to design and upload current files and documents into the new software, and a slew of other reasons.

For this post, we’re going to discuss the three benefits of document control software about paper products and filing cabinets. Individual pieces of paper are hard to find in filing cabinets. Furthermore, the purchasing and storing of file cabinets costs more money than you think. It is time to factor in the waste of time and money that businesses spend by being unwilling to upgrade to a document control software package.


When you have many documents, it is not feasible to house them in your office. As a result, one of your employees becomes responsible for taking your filing to the document storage room. There are times that this storage room is on a different floor of your building. Then, you must factor in the time needed to file the documents in the right file folders. Moreover, you can’t forget the time it takes for your employee to return to their desk. Nothing in this scenario so far has included time spent looking for lost pieces of paper.

For a quick calculation, let’s consider this employee makes approximately $15/hour and walks to file, files, and walks back for approximately 1hour/day. Again, that doesn’t consider all aspects of the filing responsibility. There is also the additional time spent finding documents. Together, this will take an average employee 10 hours/week for a total of $150. That’s $7,200/year! How many employees do you have that are doing this chore? 5? 10? Whatever the number, you are wasting money.


How many injuries occur while people are walking to and from filing or while they are filing? Probably more than you realize. Why did your employee fall off that rolling chair? Were they trying to file in the top drawer? There are many other injuries that result from filing incidents. Some other reasons include employees smashing their fingers, getting hit in the head, and tripping over filing cabinets that are poorly located. All these incidents can result in workman’s comp claims, increase insurance rates, and lost employee time while they recover from injury. Additionally, employees have even gotten hurt from filing cabinets tipping over on them which is extremely dangerous.

Storage Space

As was previously mentioned, file cabinets take up space. This space could be used for offices, as conference rooms, or lunchrooms. Your employees would love added space for them to collaborate and dream up new products or ways to streamline your business. When your paper products are taking up all your available real estate, you are wasting valuable real estate.

In Conclusion

When you calculate the hidden costs of paper products, the price of document control software is not as unreasonable. With document control software, you can not only save based on improved productivity, but you can also save money by eliminating file cabinets and filing woes. Now is the time to consider upgrading to document control software.