Therapy Placement Agency Undergoes Back-Office Rehabilitation

Islandia, NY –Feb 07, 2013 / ( — New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc. (NYTPS) has been a leader in the health care services arena for over 25 years. Founded in 1986, the company plays an integral part in both the public and private health care sectors, proud of their reputation of excellence and commitment to providing services in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines. NYTPS services are diversified and they take pride in working with only the most experienced clinicians that are interested in making a difference in the lives of others.

Adopting technology early, NYTPS implemented an electronic document management system in 2006, Canon’s imageWare, and now 40 users in all departments scan 99% of all of their documents with Canon desktop scanners and 2 MFPs.

The system was in place and ran for three years when they came upon the first in a line of roadblocks. Canon stopped supporting the product in 2009 and the system at NYTPS crashed soon thereafter. NYTPS was wholly dependent upon LDI Color ToolBox to restore and support the system. Over the next few years NYTPS began to outgrow the capabilities of the imageWare system, even to the point of not being able to upgrade their computers to Windows 7. LDI recommended replacing the system with MaxxVault Enterprise.

Why? Not only can the MaxxVault system be tailored to their existing document processes, LDI and MaxxVault engineers uncovered areas that could be streamlined and enhanced during implementation. They converted all of the documents and data from imageWare to the new system and integrated MaxxVault seamlessly into their existing line of business application, so all of the documents are now accessible with a mouse click – no more logging out of one program and into another just to view a document, a huge time-saver.

MaxxVault engineers also re-created their forms electronically, as an e-Form that dynamically pre-populates certain index fields automatically and creates an XML document that is stored in MaxxVault and kicks off the proper business process. The E-form also integrates lookup functions so therapists have that functionality as an additional aid when indexing. The documents are automatically uploaded for review every five minutes by the MaxxVault system.

“We needed to have the ability to view these documents from our line of business system,” stated Shari McGee, Placement Coordinator at NYTPS. “Prior to the implementation of MaxxVault if we needed to look at the stored documents we had to close one system and open another one.”

“We have recently introduced a new workflow system using MaxxVault for the approval of certain documents,” she continues. “In the past these documents were emailed to us from our providers. We would then have to open the email, print the attachment and hand it to a supervisor for approval. Once approved it was then scanned back into the system for indexing. With the new workflow process we have eliminated the need to open an email, print the attachment, give it to the supervisor, wait for it to come back and then scan it back in.”

The virtually instantaneous retrieval of documents is saving NYTPS considerable time and labor, and the streamlining of document entry and processing is allowing their specialists, from speech language pathologists and occupational therapists to special education teachers and psychologists to spend more time with their patients and less time pushing paper, uniting and simplifying all of these disparate working environments in a regulatory compliant, more cost-effective and efficient system.


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About New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc.

New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc. (NYTPS) is a full service multidisciplinary healthcare agency. NYTPS is dedicated to serving clients of all ages from birth to geriatrics in Nassau and Suffolk County and all five boroughs of New York City. We operate in both the educational and medical environments. We are experts in the placement of the following NYS licensed and or certified healthcare professionals: Speech Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, Special Education Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, ABA specialists (Professionals and Paraprofessionals). For more information about New york Therapy Placement Services, please visit

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