The Sticky Factor Effect

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The Sticky Factor Effect

I have been working in the copier channel on the software side for nearly 20 years and one thing I have seen over and over again is the “Sticky Factor Effect”. What is this? Let me explain. Most copier dealers sell copiers to their clients on some sort of lease. Leases are typically 36, 48 or 60 months. At some point during the lease one of their competitors is most likely trying to convince the customer to flip the lease. Basically it’s finding a way to get them out of their current lease earlier and into a new leasing contract with them. The competitor will use every sales tactic in the book to convince your client that they will save them money or this machine has these great features that the old one doesn’t have. So how can you help stop this from happening?

One way to help keep sales control of your account throughout the life of the lease is to sell a software package that integrates seamlessly with your copier device. The software can be any of the following: fax, cost recovery, document management, workflow – this is not a complete list  -. What you want to do is make the account more “sticky”. What I mean is you want your hardware tied to a software solution that makes it harder for anyone else to go into the account and win it from you.  I can’t say that this will 100% stop this from happening but it will greatly reduce the chances of it.

The power of the “Sticky Factor Effect” is that you not only maintain better control of the account but you also become a trusted adviser for your client on the software solutions side of their business.

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