Summertime Is Back!

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Summertime Is Back!

We are now 12 days away from the first day of summer. So many possibilities with summertime- lake front cottages, beach parties, kids are out of school, gardening, boating, drinks on patios, outdoor sports…the list goes on. I was sitting on a patio this weekend and they had a great summertime playlist playing- Under the Boardwalk, Summer Nights, Surfer Girl, Margaritaville. It’s easy to reminisce and make future plans for the times where it can seem like we don’t have a care in the world other than to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Here’s the only problem- unfortunately when its summertime real life doesn’t stop as much as we’d like it too. This can lead to some pretty heavy anxiety for businesses knowing that their employees may be daydreaming while at the office wishing they weren’t there as well as taking as much time off as possible to get out and enjoy the summer. This can lead to a drop in customer satisfaction and work not getting completed in general from too many bottlenecks happening.

Let’s discuss two basic business processes and functionality that can be put in place to make sure that even while everyone enjoys summer nothing is falling through the cracks and not getting completed in your organization.

  • Anywhere Access– Have all your business critical information available to employees even when they are not in the office via their laptops, tablets or mobile devices.  Need a signature on a document for example? Not a problem- this can be done from a smart device even if the person who holds the approval is enjoying their cottage.


  •  Workflow – The possibilities with workflow and helping eliminate bottlenecks in an organization are limitless. You’re able to assign to a different user the tasks of an employee who is out of the office. Someone daydreaming too long? Easily get notifications if a task has not been completed in the desired timeframe.  Workflows can be easily accessed via the web to ensure that even if someone is out of the office they can still access their tasks.

With some planning and making sure the proper business processes are in place everyone can fully enjoy summer without having business be affected.

Here’s to a great summer everyone both with business and with getting out and enjoying the season!