Solutions in Document Management for HR

Solutions in Document Management for HR
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Solutions in Document Management for HR

The hallmark sign of a busy HR department is an avalanche of paperwork. But is this the way it has to be? You want to discover a way to bring order to the chaos. This means ensuring that you can adequately store, retrieve, and organize each and every piece of paperwork. Thankfully, with MaxxVault document management systems, you can solve these problems with your document management for HR. Here are some ways that you can benefit.

Centrally Organize All of Your Paperwork

A document management system from MaxxVault can organize all of the paperwork from all of your different systems into one cohesive system. For example, you can collect and organize scanned paper documents and digital documents from a variety of servers together. Additionally, you can transfer and organize all of your different piles of paperwork into the system. As a result, they become available at the click of a button, eliminating clutter throughout your office.

Save Time and Money by Streamlining Employee Workflow

With a MaxxVault document management system, you can digitally forward essential documents. For example, you can send resumes, cover letters, and interview notes to the various managers that need to see them without the hassles associated with paper. Maybe, you have specific files that the signature of multiple individuals within your department. As digital documents, you can quickly send or forward them throughout the office, making sure that a piece of paperwork never again gets lost in the system. Also, employees can easily access any and all documents that they need from anywhere in the world, and with a variety of devices. This means that your department wastes less time and becomes more productive. The upfront costs of installing a document management for HR system will quickly pay for themselves.

Make Sure All Documents are Easily Searchable and Retrievable

In a traditional paper-based system, associates often waste precious hours searching through filing cabinets to find specific files. But with a document management system, you can locate any file with a click of a button. For instance, you can index groups of documents together to ensure they don’t get separated. As a result, you no longer need to wade through the sea of time cards, employee records, and vacation requests. Once you retrieve the files you need, you can quickly read, share, and edit them simultaneously. Employees can efficiently collaborate on documents, and the processing of documents becomes much quicker.

Increased Security

With a MaxxVault document management system, all of your documents are instantly more secure. Increase the security of your documents by closely monitoring who accesses it. This added protection also allows you to see any changes made, making your department more transparent. You can even restrict access to more sensitive documents like employee records, W-9s, or I-9s. Likewise, since MaxxVault utilizes cloud-computing technology, your documents are safe and secure no matter what happens to your office. With document management for HR, all of your files become disaster proof.


Your human resources department can benefit from MaxxVault’s document management systems. With the digital capabilities, you can increase the efficiency, security, and productiveness of document management for HR. If you have any questions or would like to get started with our software, contact us today at (631) 446-4800. Or, visit us online and chat with one of our associates.