Small-Town Government: How a City Manager Benefits from Enterprise Information Management
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Small-Town Government: How a City Manager Benefits from Enterprise Information Management

As the City Manager of a small town, you most likely want to know if Enterprise Information Management is something you need to consider. The simple answer is yes. However, as the City Manager of a smaller city or town, you might not see the benefits of utilizing an Enterprise Information Management system. Most often, you feel that you don’t have enough information to warrant an Enterprise Information Management system. Or, that you cannot afford the expense of implementing a new system. It is true that an Enterprise Information System is an additional expense. On the other hand, the benefits of an Enterprise Information Management System are worth the initial investment.


The first benefit of Enterprise Information Management for a City Manager is storage. All your data sources can be stored in a centralized repository in a cloud-based system. Having your information stored online can drastically free up physical storage space. Additionally, it simplifies your ability locate and use your information because it’s stored in the software system rather than in file cabinets. Likewise, it increases efficiency.

Data Integration

The data that you upload into your Enterprise Information Management system can be cross-referenced in ways that are not possible with a paper-based system. For example, brochures can “talk” to spreadsheets. As a result, it makes research and data analysis easier to accomplish. Not to mention, different aspects of the software can be integrated with each other reducing redundancy. For instance, if a new resident comes into town, the staff member that handles new permits can enter the individual’s vital information into the system. Then, when the person comes back in to speak with you about an upcoming sidewalk upgrade, you can type their name in and quickly find their information. This type of data integration provides for increased productivity and quicker decision making.


The last benefit of Enterprise Information Management for a small-town City Manager is security. When all your data is in file cabinets, there is no security system in place. Anyone can enter your office when you are out and get into your documents. In addition, there is no system in place to monitor who makes changes to your documents. Items can get lost, misplaced, or forged without your knowledge. With Enterprise Information Management, you can determine who has access to what data. Also, you can determine who made changes to documentation, when, and even from what computer. This added layer of security provides you with peace-of-mind.

MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management

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