Six Steps to Take Toward a Paperless Office

Six Steps to Take Toward a Paperless Office
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Six Steps to Take Toward a Paperless Office

Not only is a paperless office a great way to work towards sustainability and a more earth-friendly footprint, it saves you money as well. Far more than just a fad, paperless business is the way into the future. It may seem challenging to let go of your current processes and practices, but you do yourself a great favor when you embrace technological change and remain flexible. Here are six small, manageable ways to toward a paperless office, making you eco-conscious and prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Say Goodbye to Memos

It is still common practice to distribute memos, meeting minutes, and other internal documents on paper. In reality, this system is both outdated and most likely less effective because of the temporal nature of paper. Move your memos, minutes, and other company-wide notices to email or an online file sharing program. Not only will this ensure fewer expenses for you, it also means that documents remain available, accessible, and in a known location long after papers would’ve been thrown away.

Meetings Online

Virtual meetings certainly require an adjustment period, but ultimately they serve your company well. The available meeting software improves more every year, and many of them allow you to share meeting notes, presentations, reports, and more all within the open window. Holding remote meetings means that your employees feel connected and present, regardless of their location. And this suggestion doesn’t only apply to internal meetings! If you regularly schedule client and partner meetings, consider moving those online as well. You save on travel costs as well as on employee time.

Targeted Marketing

If you still depend on fliers, coupons, mailers, and other paper forms of marketing, you miss a large swath of potential customers. The way consumers choose products today revolves around an online presence. The good news is, this makes you less reliant on paper. Your website, email campaigns, social media marketing, and other online tools are more effective and relevant than any physical tools available to you. And most email services give you the ability to track the responses to your mailings, giving you greater insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Efficient Machinery

If you have regular paper jams, ink smears, and other electronic malfunctions, it’s time to invest in better quality equipment. Look for machines with energy star labels, meaning they use less energy. Additionally, look for good reviews for service and durability. The last thing you need is to spend your time and money trying to keep things moving.

Clear Processes

It is incredible the impact that clear and consistent processes have on waste. If your employees know which forms to fill out and when, you see fewer duplicates. If things are filed as intended, you won’t require repeat copies. Look for areas in your organization that get bogged down with waste. The ensure that clear and precise procedures are being followed. Once everyone is on board, waste will drop to a minimum.

Software Solutions

Ultimately, the true way to achieve a paperless office is through document software solutions. By investing in quality document management software, you choose to move forward and prepare yourself for the future. Document services allow you to create automated workflows, track every document from creation to storage, locate any relevant document in your system, and much more, and all without paper.

There are many ways to take steps toward a greener, less wasteful organization. Every step will save you money and time, as well as giving you a leg up in your industry. If you are ready for a true digital transformation, moving your documents out of your office and into a safe digital repository, contact MaxxVault for more information today.