Simply Scalable Whether It’s Your Place or Ours — MaxxVault Enterprise 6.0 Released

Islandia, NY — September 16, 2013 — MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Information Management Solutions software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault Enterprise 6.0 will be made available on September 16th, 2013. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be a leader in the mid and enterprise markets. Whether you decide to buy an on-premise solution or have it hosted in MaxxCloud, you never have to worry about sacrificing scalability. We have included over 200 new features and enhancements into the new release. Scalability, ease of use and flexibility are the driving forces behind the MaxxVault Software Platform. MaxxVault 6.0 also introduces a completely re-designed MaxxCloud interface that is optimized for the BYOD and mobile revolution.

New Features

Mid-sized and large companies alike will find MaxxVault Enterprise 6.0 to be more appealing with new integration tools like MaxxBolt and enhancements that have been introduced into the reporting and workflow modules. MaxxVault LLC is also introducing MaxxVault Standard Edition, based on named users to help drive more cost-effective solutions into the SMB market space. Some of the new features include:

  • “MaxxLogic”, which allows for even the most complex workflow processes to be easily managed in one simple interface. MaxxLogic users can take configuration complexity out of the deployment process. Once a workflow is designed, MaxxLogic makes it very simple to manage on a day-to-day basis.
  • 2 new digital signature capabilities with this release which means that all 4 variations of digital signing can be done in one solution without the need for a 3rd party tool.
  • A new document viewer that supports viewing of Office formats, text files and Outlook email;
  • MaxxCloud now supports a zero-foot-print-viewer with a wide range of functions and features;
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook and Office integration, enabling users to save their documents directly to MaxxCloud;
  • Enhanced desktop hot-folders giving users the flexibility to drag, drop, file and index directly to MaxxCloud in one easy step;

MaxxVault Enterprise 6.0 is designed around how people want to interact with their critical information today. With MaxxVault, meet the changing needs across your enterprise with a single vendor and solution. MaxxVault lets you start small and expand as time and budget permits. We’re committed to providing affordable, easy to configure and user-friendly information management solutions.