Search & Store Between Outlook and MaxxVault is Now Easier

Access to documents stored in MaxxVault is seamless for Outlook users

ISLANDIA, NY — Feb 27, 2012 / ( — MaxxVault has made storing and retrieving documents from Microsoft Outlook even easier with the latest version of MaxxVault Search & Store for Microsoft Outlook. Without leaving the familiar borders of Outlook, users will be able to quickly retrieve documents and attach them to outgoing emails. Likewise, users will now have two different methods of saving important emails into MaxxVault for archiving and later retrieval.

As the cornerstone of business communication, email is vital as both a tool and as a source for important information. With the release of MaxxVault v5.2, users will now have two options to quickly save important emails into the MaxxVault repository. Simply by dragging and dropping emails into designated Outlook folders the email is automatically imported into MaxxVault, indexed and routed to the appropriate folder for archiving. In MaxxVault v5.2, users can also save an email they are reading into MaxxVault with a click of a button on the email toolbar. The save options will let users choose where the document is stored, assign it to a workflow and they can add to or edit the index values if they so choose.

Finding and sending documents via email is equally simple. From the MaxxVault tab on the toolbar, users can access their specific searches used to find the documents they need in the MaxxVault repository. From the search results, the user simply selects the document(s) and chooses to either attach to a new or open email. There is no simpler method of rapidly accessing documents for distribution via email.

Simple and efficient, MaxxVault works silently in the background to manage document retention schedules and access, ensuring that vital information is properly managed in accordance with legal and business requirements. Using the newly enhanced MaxxVault Search and Store for Microsoft Outlook, managing corporate information just got easier.