Scanning and Processing High Volumes of Paper Just Got Easier

MaxxVault LLC announces updates and enhancements to MaxxCloud and the MaxxVault Enterprise Server

Islandia, NY — Feb 16, 2012  — MaxxVault LLC is pleased to announce the release of MaxxVault Enterprise Server 5.2 on February 21, 2012. MaxxVault LLC specializes in developing business document management software solutions. The chief of these is their Enterprise Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). MaxxVault Enterprise Server provides enhanced document security, cost reductions through improved efficiency, and tools to ensure regulatory compliance. With MaxxVault 5.2, MaxxVault Server and MaxxCloud users will benefit from over 50 new feature additions and enhancements.

Easily Process High Volumes of Paper

Heading the list of improvements are changes to the back end which make it easier than ever for MaxxVault to manage tens of millions of documents. “One of our primary goals has always been to provide a dynamic and powerful solution to businesses that need to scan and process high volumes of paper,” said Ken Bly, Chief Technology Officer for MaxxVault. For example, to aid the quick and smooth intake of high volumes of documents, MaxxVault has added the ability to instantly burst a document into two separate documents and index the newly created document in one easy step.

More Automated Processes

Another new feature designed to help speed the filing process and improve document security is auto-redaction. As documents are filed into MaxxVault and MaxxCloud, you can apply redactions automatically. This consequently allows you to hide and protect information contained in the documents from individuals without full access. Likewise, users of MaxxVault can now customize and place a watermark on documents printed from the system. This makes it easy to track from the printed document such things as the date of printing as well as who printed it.

MaxxCloud Performance Enhancements

MaxxCloud specifically has received several performance enhancements. “As the world moves to the Cloud, we plan to continue leading the way with the most advanced and easy to use Cloud EDMS,” continued Mr. Bly. With MaxxCloud 5.2, users are able to track document versions and have more options for customizing the folder contents view. Users will also be able to print in a batch all the documents they have collected in their hit list.

With the release of 5.2, MaxxVault Server and MaxxCloud strengthen their position as leaders in business document management. To learn more, visit