Measuring the ROI of Your Content Services Platform

Measuring the ROI of Your Content Services Platform
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Measuring the ROI of Your Content Services Platform

The choice to revolutionize your company’s business processes is not a small one. Once you implement a content services platform, you will likely be watching closely for signs of success. Thankfully it won’t be difficult to spot the positive changes your content management brings. Here are four areas to experience a quick ROI following content services implementation.

Reduced Paper Costs

Paper is a great starting place for calculating a document management ROI. Paper-related expenses take up a huge percentage of company budgets. When you consider the costs of paper, toner, ink, machine maintenance, filing supplies, and mailing supplies, the numbers grow quickly. And this doesn’t even include the expenses associated with paper storage! After fully implementing a content services platform, take a look at your paper costs. The numbers will begin to shrink almost immediately.

Time Saved

Another great cost of paper comes from its management. Whether your employees are retrieving documents or returning them to their homes, estimates indicate that office workers spend up to 20% of their time managing paper documents. While these returns will not be as clear as a budget line item, your staff will experience this benefit individually. If you take the time to connect with your employees who manage documents, you’ll find they report time saved and greater productivity.

Project Turnaround

Project management is a frequent impetus for document management implementation. When your projects continue to break down or miss deadlines, new tools become necessary. After choosing a content services platform, your project turnaround will show significant improvement. Additionally, by using the available workflow auditing tools, company leadership can identify solutions for the common areas of conflict in your workflow system.

Storage Gains

Reclaiming space is a very physical ROI of implementing a content services platform. The steady process of moving out filing cabinets, emptying drawers, and ridding yourself of piles of paper is refreshing. Not only does this benefit give you valuable real estate, but it also raises productivity in your office by creating a peaceful, less cluttered space. While almost every business will maintain some paper records, your decreased reliance on the paper system gives you space to do more.

When you choose a content services platform, you choose a better way to do business. You ROI grows over the months following your implementation and appears in every area of your work. By tracking these gains, you maintain your motivation to pursue efficiency and quality business practices. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.