Rethink Your Content Management Strategy

Rethink Your Content Management Strategy
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Rethink Your Content Management Strategy

Your content is the heart of your success. All your marketing, service, and products grow out of the ideas that make your company unique and valuable. For this reason, your content management strategy is an essential part of your business plan. You need a system that is going to support you long into the future, not one that will hold you back. Here are four considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate your current strategy and consider a change.


What percentage of your bottom line is earmarked for content management? If you are finding your content services costs a burden, then something isn’t right. The only way your ideas can work for you is if you are free to act on them. With this in mind, consider re-evaluating your company’s content needs and the best provider to meet them. Affordability is one of the key benefits of a quality content management strategy.


Are your employees on board with your plan for content management? Are they using the tools, platforms, and automation that the software offers? It can be very challenging to introduce a new system company-wide. If the new software is not intuitive, staff members hesitate to make the switch. As a result, you under-utilize your content management software and it just becomes another platform running in the background. Take a hard look at your team’s engagement with your current content management strategy. If you find that participation is underwhelming, it may be time for additional training, follow-up communication, or even more straightforward platform.


One of the major intentions of a content management strategy is to take the headache out of managing your most precious assets. If you find yourself trying to cram your ideas, projects, and other valuable products into a framework that doesn’t suit them, then you are working for the system and not vice-versa. The best content management systems are ones that flex and flow with your needs and growth. If you spend any time wondering how you can make your next big idea work within the strategy you use, the strategy needs to change. Find a system that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around.


While we would prefer not to consider the worst, it’s always a possibility. Using free cloud-based document management, paper files, unsecured communication, flash drives, or other insecure content management systems can end in disaster. In fact, if you aren’t using encryption and user credentials for all of your content, you are putting your entire project at risk. It’s time to look for a system that reflects the true value of the ideas you develop. Don’t accept the risk of losing everything.

A content management strategy needs to grow and change with a company. By choosing to take a regular look at your system, both what works and what doesn’t, you give yourself the opportunity to maximize the potential of your ideas. Your content management is intended to be an asset, not a burden. If you are interested in learning more about the best options for your company, contact MaxxVault today.