Regulatory Compliance and Document Control

Regulatory Compliance and Document Control
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Regulatory Compliance and Document Control

The word “audit” sends a chill down the back of almost any corporate authority. Even if you run a tight ship, the thought of regulators combing through your files and looking for mistakes is unnerving. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that your tools are the best. This will ensure your regulatory compliance and prepare you for an audit, just in case. One such invaluable tool is document control software. With greater security and review procedures than most document management software, document control systems give you oversight and peace of mind. Here are three ways that document control helps you manage your compliance and security.


First and foremost, most companies look for document platforms that are secure. Furthermore, if your company is subject to regulations, your system must meet the regulatory requirements for security and access. Document control software offers a secure repository for all of your data as well as unique user credentials to track the creation, revision, and distribution for all controlled files. Adjust security at the document level to entirely customize your system. Additionally, each user’s credentials only allow their account to view the files they may access.

Approval and Review

Regulatory compliance has many layers, including regular approval and review of procedures. Without automating this process, the required oversight is easily overlooked or neglected. Document control software ensures that supervisors receive alerts automatically for specifications, instructions, project plans, and more that needs their approval. As supervisors review files, the system creates an audit trail for future use.

Archival and Document Cycling

Many industries have extensive regulations centered around the life cycles of documents. How long a document must remain active or archived depends on your regulations, as well as when and how you may dispose of it. Document control software assists you in tracking these document cycles, alerting you when files are ready to move on in their life cycle and gaining approval to automatically follow through. This prevents documents from falling through the cracks and either becoming lost or misfiled.

Regulatory compliance is heavy on the minds of large businesses, and with good reason. Quality security is essential to the health and wellbeing of your company. Equip your team with the best tools to ensure your security and compliance. Then, if an audit comes, you are prepared and can rest easy, knowing that everything is as it should be. Looking for more information about how document control can help your team? Contact MaxxVault today to learn more.