Quick Tips for Your Content Services Platform

Quick Tips for Your Content Services Platform
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Quick Tips for Your Content Services Platform

You’re transitioning to a content services platform, and the change will benefit every aspect of your business. The seamless storage and quick retrieval you’ve wanted for your organization are now entirely possible. Here are a few tips to maximize the benefits you gain from a cloud-based content management system.

Get Buy-In from Your Team

Change is hard, regardless of its source. An essential aspect of making a content services platform work for you is getting all of your employees on board. Give your team the chance to ask questions, explore the new platform, and attend meetings regarding the new system. The more your staff feels ownership of the apps and tools they will be using, the more likely they are to use them well and often.

Take Advantage of Collaborative Calendars

In using a content services platform, your employees will begin relying more heavily on cloud-based content. This means that the old days of emailing drafts, edits, meeting reminders, and other project-based communications are in the past. Instead, a collaborative team calendar will allow your staff to see deadlines, project progress, and other significant milestones all in one place. Keep your teams on track by giving them a tool that shows precisely what they should be doing and when.

Consider Mobile More than Ever

Now that your content, whether for internal use or external access, is available across devices, it’s important to keep compatibility in mind. Can your employees read, download, and edit the documents they need from a tablet or other mobile device? Do your e-forms scale down so your clients can complete them on the go? This is a good time to instate a protocol to ensure that the content your organization makes available is user-friendly on all devices.

Take the Opportunity to Monitor Your Workflow

With all of the information about your teams and their projects finally in one place, this is an excellent opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of your workflow. How long are tasks sitting in the queue?  How many team members are touching a doc before it’s finalized? Is your storage system intuitive? A content services platform gives your organization the chance to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current content strategy.

Migrating content to a content services platform guarantees your organization’s content will be accessible and standardized. Take advantage of that organization and follow these tips to optimize the positive impact of your cloud-based system. Not sure about the reasons to transition to content services? Read more here.