Preparations You Should Make Before Using a Content Services Platform
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Preparations You Should Make Before Using a Content Services Platform

By now you’ve heard about the changes happening in content management (and if not, you can read more here). With this in mind, it is in the best interest of your organization to follow the evolution of the industry and transition to a content services platform. Here are several ways you can prepare your company for the change.

Consider Your Content-related Challenges

The transition from ECM to a content services platform is the perfect opportunity for a thorough evaluation of your current content management. What’s working well? Where does your communication break down? What processes do you need to speed up or track with more efficiency? Making a list of your top content-related challenges and goals will enable you to prioritize as you adjust your approach.  

Rethink Your Content Strategy

The larger the organization and the longer its existence, the more likely that processes become ingrained. With a switch to a content services platform on the horizon, it’s time to question your assumptions. Just because you’ve always organized, disseminated, or protected your data the same way doesn’t mean it’s the best way.  

The movement away from ECM is a conceptual shift as much as a practical one. In particular, the goal is no longer to manage and protect content solely. Instead, content is leveraged and processed for the maximum benefit and efficiency. As a result, a change in content management is an ideal opportunity to update your processes.

Choose a Content Services Platform That Listens to You

You’ve prioritized your challenges and content-related needs. You’re rethinking your content strategy, ready to be flexible to optimize your workflow. You are now poised to make real changes that will allow your organization to increase productivity, mobility, and relevance. Equipped with this information, it’s time to do research on content services platforms and what they can offer you. Look for a company with flexible options, a responsive staff, and the tools to give your organization exactly what you need.

Prepare Your Staff for the Transition

One essential piece of successfully using a content services platform is gaining employee buy-in. As with all major transitions within your company, you will find your new tools and strategies are more effective when you promote them to your staff. Take the time to meet with your employees and explain the long-term benefits of the shift in your content management. Ask for their input and experiences regarding content-based issues in the past. Offer training and Q&A sessions about the new protocols, apps, and procedures that will come with the new system. The more you demystify the new platform, the smoother your transition will be.

It can be daunting to make a change in a sector as large as content management. At the same time, it is in the best interest of your organization to shift strategy now and stay ahead of growing digital needs. By following the steps above, you will equip your business for a smooth and effective transition to a content services platform.