How A Paperless Office Allows You to Do Business in Person

How A Paperless Office Allows You to Do Business in Person
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How A Paperless Office Allows You to Do Business in Person

Discover three ways having a paperless office makes you more available to build face-to-face relationships.

The decline of face-to-face business is much mourned in the more traditional companies across the country. And it is true that it is more difficult to build real relationships and trust across digital platforms. It is easy to believe that the solution is to eschew technology altogether and pursue purely analog business practices. However, the reality is counter-intuitive. When your company chooses a digital transformation, your paperless office actually allows you to do more business in person. Curious to know how this can be? Read on to discover three ways that getting rid of physical documents makes you more available to build face-to-face relationships.


Have you ever found yourself at a business meeting without the documents you intended to bring? Or perhaps you unexpectedly bump into a colleague or contact and wish you had more information on your person. A digital transformation gives you the ability to do business wherever you are, at any time. Instead of depending on your contacts and your documents being in the same place, your phone, tablet, or laptop contains all you need for meaningful connections. Never be unprepared again.


It’s tough to juggle the demands of business relationships with the daily office work that keeps an organization moving. With document management services on your side, those daily processes no longer rule your day. Using workflow tools, the filing, request fulfillment, mailings, invoicing, and other daily tasks become automatic. You and your staff are free to do the work that matters: meeting clients, improving products, and planning for the future.


Company meetings are a great tool to get everyone on the same page and working as a team. At the same time, there is a reason that meetings have a reputation to be a waste of time. Time is precious in an active organization. A digital transformation means your team is connected and in sync without sitting through countless meetings that may or may not pertain to their work. With digital communication and project flow, you can be intentional in your in-person meetings. For example, instead of calling everyone together for an introduction to new protocols, they can access the information online and sign off that they understand the content. You are then free to schedule individual meetings with those who have questions or concerns.

When you are accustomed to a paper-based business, a digital transformation can feel like a big loss. But moving to document management is not a loss. Instead, it gives you the necessary tools to continue your personal, relationship-based work without the day-to-day details getting in the way. Additionally, it prepares you for a digital future, making your company more flexible and relevant in an ever-changing business climate. Interested to hear more about a digital transformation and how it can work for you? Contact MaxxVault to learn more today.