Paperless Goals: Three Small Steps That Move You Closer to the Goal

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Paperless Goals: Three Small Steps That Move You Closer to the Goal

Scan New Documents

A manageable step toward your paperless goals is scanning incoming documents immediately. During the process of going paperless, there is always going to be some paper in use in the office. Making the decision to go paperless does not happen overnight. In the interim, scan everything upon receipt.

Scanning new documents right away will help your company’s paperless goals moving forward. Digitizing mountains of old paperwork is bound to take a fair amount of time. By scanning incoming forms and communications, your company will at least be paperless from now moving forward. This goal is a manageable step toward the complete digitization of your files.

Use the Cloud

Utilizing online storage and sharing solutions is another simple step toward your business’s paperless goals. Rather than printing documents to show coworkers, share them online with web-based applications such as Google Drive. This quickly cuts printing costs for your company as well.

Don’t compromise on the digital editing of documents and forms. From the moment you decide to go paperless, every employee of your company should fill forms out and collaborate on documents online. Take the time to research which software solutions will best suit your company’s needs. There are many free solutions that may work for your company, and there are advanced, paid options available for more complex businesses.

Upgrade Your Technology

Going paperless requires having the correct technology to support your business without physical paper. Make sure every employee has a fully functioning device suited to their job. Updated technology will also yield a much higher chance of cooperation with your company’s new paperless procedures. It will also allow paperless business transactions to be much smoother.

Updating your company’s technology will also ensure the security of your newly digitized documents. Outdated technology (both software and hardware) cannot keep up with modern digital threats. Doing all of your company’s business with old technology leaves the door open for hackers to access important business documents which should be kept secure. It may seem counterproductive to budget more at first to cover the cost of new technology. However, being entirely digital will save money for your business in the long run. The cost of technology is minimal in comparison to the perks of being paperless.

These small steps may not be enough on their own to go completely paperless. However, these goals are manageable enough to get any business started in the digital world. Following these tips will jump start your company’s journey toward achieving its paperless goals.