How the Size of Your Organization Affects Your Choice of Document Storage

How the Size of Your Organization Affects Your Choice of Document Storage
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How the Size of Your Organization Affects Your Choice of Document Storage

It is clear that filing cabinets in the back room are not a reliable or desirable form of document storage. Companies are choosing electronic and cloud-based storage options for easy access, high-quality security, and automation they provide. However, electronic document storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, there are countless options that are made to fit your particular needs and desires. Many factors contribute to the type of storage platform you choose. Today we will explore how the size of your organization affects your document storage choice.


Electronic document storage platforms have flexible storage capacity, depending on your company’s needs. In order to quantify your storage requirements, be sure not to underestimate your current documents. Calculate space for your current electronic files as well as paper documents that will be scanned into the system. Additionally, consider your growth projections for the next several years. While most platforms allow you to increase or decrease your storage at regular intervals, thinking ahead gives you a clear understanding of your projected document storage requirements.


Your organization’s size is not only determined by the amount of electronic data you need to store. The number of users who require access to the system are also part of the equation. Again, be careful not to underestimate this number. More than likely every person who works in your organization will require a set of credentials for access. Also, consider if you will be using the services of any contractors or outside personnel (like accountants or advisors). Some organization even have clients who regularly access their document storage for records and other documentation. Cast a broad net before settling on a number of required user accounts.


Interestingly, it is often the largest and the smallest companies that require the most mobility in their software. Larger companies sprawl and end up with multiple locations and employees traveling between. This leads to a constant need for connectivity and communication from all locations. Small companies, like startups, on the other hand, find themselves with 100 jobs and 5 employees. What follows is a need for extreme flexibility in software. The ability to work at any time, in any place, is a requirement. If your organization needs this sort of flexibility and connectivity, choose document storage that offers applications that sync with everything you do, everywhere you are. It can make all the difference.

Whether your organization is huge or just starting out, your unique needs and characteristics will be essential in choosing the right document storage. If you are curious about your company’s options and want to learn more, contact MaxxVault today. We will walk you through the options available and find the perfect fit for your requirements.