The YouTube Revolution – Do you take the time to watch those online software videos?

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The YouTube Revolution – Do you take the time to watch those online software videos?

Everyone out their knows what YouTube is and probably goes there several times a day to watch the latest viral video. The question I am always asking myself is how do you make a professional video that focuses on solving your clients problems but also make it entertaining enough for the general public to want to watch?  You have to remember that when your selling a business solution you are still selling to the same person that likes to watch a funny video online or like me, watch reality TV.

To date I have not seen any document management or workflow videos out there that have hundred of thousands of views – let alone a million hits. Trust me I could have missed those ones but I will keep trying to find one.

What I have found is that for customers that do want to do research on software packages there are a lot of great videos on YouTube for almost any software you are looking for. Getting a little education before you sit in on several software product demos by a sales person will make those presentations more meaningful. It will put some of the power back in your hands because you’re not just seeing a product like the one they are showing for the first time. As a selling CEO I always like when a customer is engaging in a presentation. It allows the meeting to flow much better and helps create a better connection with the prospective client.

A little education on a subject matter can be a very powerful thing so grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and spend 25 minutes researching and watching a few videos online before you start having the vendors monopolize your Outlook calendar with demos. Trust me it will be worth your time and will result in you finding the right product and company to partner with.  Also if anyone has a great viral video ideas let us know!