The Newest Must-Have Features in Content Management

The Newest Must-Have Features in Content Management
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The Newest Must-Have Features in Content Management

Content management software has been around for a while now. However, within that time, the platforms and features have changed at a rapid pace. Unlike the document repositories of ten years ago, today’s document management includes tools that increase your company’s mobility, efficiency, and accessibility practically overnight. Here’s a rundown of some of the cutting edge developments that content management systems offer your company.

Mobile Apps

Business doesn’t only happen in the office anymore. In fact, the global market is becoming so mobile that the majority of accomplishments happen on the road. To remain relevant and really meet the user’s needs, content services must be available anywhere and anytime. Often integrated with your devices camera, email, and other essential functions, content management apps allow your team to capture, integrate, and access important data from their mobile device, anywhere in the world. Be sure to look for apps that are available across platforms so that any device is compatible.

Browser-Based Access

Content services used to require large installations of software on individual CPUs. Now, however, more providers are moving to browser-based access points. This means that not only do you avoid the headache of repeated installations, you also do not have extra software slowing down your workstations. Additionally, a browser-based access point will work across platforms and on almost any device. This makes your content management system more flexible and available.

Optimal Scalability

Another feature of document management in the past was the “package deal.” You, as the customer, chose a package that contained the storage, functions, and support you needed. From that point forward, your service adhered to that choice, regardless of any changes in your needs. Modern content management left this rigid structure behind and has adopted a truly scalable, adaptable model. For instance, right now you may have a small staff with minimal needs. However, a year from now your company may grow far beyond your projections. A modern content services platform will flex and flow with your specifications, no “package deal” required.

Cloud Computing

Your content is no longer tied to your in-house servers and IT department. In fact, coupled with the ability to access your data via browsers and apps, cloud content management is an ideal solution. Cost efficient, with low overhead and high ROI, using the cloud for storage and data functions simply makes sense. Tech support is built-in to the software, and staff training often is as well. With a focus on usability, cloud-based data systems are here to stay.

If you have utilized content management systems for very long, you may find that newer options and features have passed you by. It is worthwhile to look into the newest and most popular features in modern systems to compare them with your needs and current service. Interested to hear more? Contact MaxxVault today to learn more about the services and features available to you.