Why You Need Industry Specific Document Management for Law Offices

Why You Need Industry Specific Document Management for Law Offices
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Why You Need Industry Specific Document Management for Law Offices

Do you need document management for law offices? Most law offices find themselves inundated with documentation: tons of it. As expected, you will find all types of legal documents within a law office. There are law books, client information, legal briefs, legal motions, word documents, spreadsheets, and judicial decisions, just to name a few. With all this paperwork, it is not unusual for the topic of document management to come up.

Current Document Management

Your current document management system has worked for several years, and everyone knows the exact location of client’s files. Is it really a big deal that your legal motions are filed under “N” because you ran out of space in the “L” and the “M” file drawers? Yes. Now that you’ve had a couple of retirements and some new junior attorneys are coming on board, you are struggling to explain to the new staff how to find relevant documents. Not to mention, you have your “to be” archived client files sitting on the floor in a closet, because you’ve run out of storage room. Obviously, this type of filing system is inefficient. For example, when specific staff members are absent, someone else must step in to prevent missed deadlines and lost cases. Your law office’s reputation is on the line.

Generic Software

When making that leap to document management in your law office, should you use a generic software package? Deciding to go with a generic software package can be as dangerous to your productivity and reputation as sticking with your current system of file cabinets and folders. There are too many limitations for storage with a generic software package. Let’s look at the benefits of document management for law offices.

Document Management for Law Offices

You must invest in document management for law offices to ensure your documents are accessible. With document management for law offices, you can store data by client name, case type, type of document, who created the document, responsible attorney, and presiding judge. There really is no limit to how you file your documentation.

Ease of Indexing and Searching

Again, there is no limit to the specificity of your indexing abilities. Moreover, the filter and search features of your law office software package make it easy to find and retrieve data. Furthermore, you can cross-reference past cases with current cases, identify patterns of judgments and rulings, and increase your office efficiency. Best of all, when you reduce the mounds of paperwork that bury your staff, you also increase client satisfaction.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Through increasing attention to clients instead of searching for a lost piece of paper, you can better identify their needs. As a result, you can better represent their case before the judge. Improved client satisfaction enhances your law office reputation. While increasing client satisfaction through document management for law offices is more of a byproduct, there are other ways in which you can use your software program to increase client satisfaction. By streamlining how your clients can interact with you online, you can enhance engagement and subsequently improve satisfaction.

Improved Reputation with the Court

Lastly, by increasing your law office efficiency, you will meet court deadlines with ease, not lose valuable documents, and present yourself better in the courtroom. Furthermore, with a cloud-based system, you can quickly locate needed documentation during a brief recess instead of stressing over another staff member being able to locate a document in your paper-based storage system while you are miles away from the office.

In Conclusion

With the amount of documentation that is present in a law office, you must consider updating your document storage system. As a law office, you would be remiss in using a generic program. You need to consider purchasing and utilizing document management for law offices. Document management for law offices will not only address your efficiency issues, but you can also enhance your engagement with clients, and improve your reputation with the court.