Why You Need Document Management for SAGE

Why You Need Document Management for SAGE
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Why You Need Document Management for SAGE

Document management for SAGE is essential for users looking to get the most out of their product. As powerful as SAGE is, a cluttered system with invisible data and poor access restricts its impact. Document management products offer solutions for all of these issues and more.

A SAGE Product Can Only Manage What It Sees

Even the very best software programs are limited by the system they work with. If your documents are scattered and disorganized, you will inevitably have to put in more work to make sure your new software product reads them correctly. Businesses choose SAGE software to save time and improve accuracy. That’s only possible if automated functions can reliably read and convert information from your documents. This includes filing structure details, such as where and how you save new documents, where archived information goes, and what happens to documents between these two points.

Invisible data is the bane of advanced software. These may be documents that fell outside of your filing system or documents that never entered the visible part of your system in the first place. Document management for SAGE ensures your software gets the information it needs to do its job. After all, it can only deal with the numbers it sees. Document management ensures your documents remain visible throughout their entire life cycle, beginning with creation and carrying through every change and use until archiving.

Balancing Safety with Access

Any third-party program, no matter how reliable the developer, poses a potential threat to your security. This isn’t because it’s a bad product. It’s simply a matter of added risk. When you purchase and install software, you must surrender certain types of your own data. This includes payment details, contact information, and potentially system structure details.

These are all parts of normal business practices, but it does create a new potential theft opportunity. Then there are the threats new software introduces to your system. Keep in mind that if the developer is compromised, hackers gain information about your product’s weaknesses. Attacks on customers often follow attacks on popular businesses.

Use Document Management

Document management for SAGE ensures that your system interacts with the program safely. It delivers the access the program needs in order to function but does not leave unnecessary opportunities that a cyber threat could exploit. It’s a delicate balance, and it’s easy to stunt SAGE’s potential by restricting access to vital documents. Of course, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Document management products focus on structure and access. This does more than help third-party software do its job. It also supports security by efficiently regulating access.

Document-reliant products like SAGE need document management solutions to support them. The best results always come from secure access and availability. Document management for SAGE will help you get more from your investment, get more accurate information, and keep your entire system secure. Ultimately, the benefits of a document management system go well beyond a single program.