Must-Have Document Management Software Features

Must-Have Document Management Software Features
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Must-Have Document Management Software Features

When looking to purchase a document management software, it’s best to make sure your investment includes necessary features right from the start. Moving documents online is about more than just uploading paper into the cloud and then tossing the paper. There has to be a way to systematize the process. If not, your paper clutter will now just be digital clutter with no real retrieval or storage benefit. Let’s take a look at some must-have document management software features.

Uploading and Indexing

When searching around, think about how you will move your library online. A one-paper-at-a-time process will take forever. Further, if you can’t index your files, retrieval will be a needle-in-a-haystack nightmare. Does the document management software have a bulk upload option? Can it support multiple people uploading documents at one time? Investigate the scanner, mobile, and email options. Further, can you set up categories and indexing terms in advance, and how many tags are you permitted to have? In-depth indexing is a crucial part of retrieving documents and categorizing them properly, so make sure your software has robust indexing options.

Searching, Creating, and Sharing

For searching, creating, and sharing, you want a document management software with a lot of options. A strong and sensitive search engine makes finding the necessary documents easier. Further, having multiple ways to share the document across many platforms securely is only going to make your job easier. Additionally, if the software allows you to move the document creation entirely online with forms that never need to be printed, you will save so much time in future processes to get documents from start to finish.

Automation Rules

Does your document management software allow you to create complex rules that tell documents where to go without you having to specify? The whole idea of automating workflow is to stop having to manually do the same process over and over. If a document for HR can be uploaded, recognized, assigned a security level, and then routed to the proper people, you have just saved you and your staff a whole host of steps. Now instead of initiating and carrying out the steps, you can simply monitor the automated process to make sure it’s completed.


Though some people still don’t trust putting their information online, document management software is made with more security in mind than paper files. Think about how vulnerable confidential files were when you had to handle the document, make copies, and securely pass it around via non-encrypted email attachments or through the intra-office mail. Your software should now be able to encrypt the documents for safe sharing and assign security levels to different employees so that no one handles the wrong documents ever again.

Customization Options

Lastly, there will be things that are specific to your business. There needs to be a way for you to create specific reports and arrange data in a helpful way. Your document management software has to come with some ways to customize. Having the ability to add your own tags and workflows is important. This is what will ultimately save you the most time and money. Take time to see what type of specific handling you will need. Finding out if your software supports it is a really important last step before choosing a software.

Document management software is transforming how we run our businesses. We are abandoning locked filing rooms and offsite paper storage in favor of digitizing our filing cabinets and automating our paper handling. When choosing a software, you want to look at what areas in your business need some relief from document handling. Try to find the areas in your departments where bottlenecks occur so you can begin to see some relief.