The Modern Workforce and Mobile Document Management

The Modern Workforce and Mobile Document Management
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The Modern Workforce and Mobile Document Management

The changes in the world of technology bleed over into every part of our lives, and the workforce is no exception. Many companies struggle to embrace those changes, but the reality is that only the flexible and adaptive will survive. As your workforce becomes more mobile and less structured, you need real solutions that rise to new challenges. The mobile experience isn’t just for customers anymore. Every user expects a fast, intuitive, and evolving interaction with your brand.

Much of mobility is a mindset. For example, data no longer has one location. It arrives where and when you need it, often in the palm of your hand. One of the most significant steps you can take in embracing the modern workforce is employing mobile document management. By making the heart of your company- the ideas and trajectories you have crafted- available to your team at all times and places, you invite them to take ownership of your vision.

Quick Access

Mobile document management means that your team has the data and documents they need at their fingertips. Whether they are in a meeting with a client or at a coffee shop, all they need are their credentials and a mobile device. With intuitive features, your mobile document app allows you to curate and interact with all of your stored files. Edit a document or initiate a workflow, all from your phone or tablet. There’s no delay.

Quality Security

It’s easy to think that increased mobility means diminished security. But this is not this case. Mobile document management offers all of the same security measures as your in-house content services. Each user maintains a unique set of credentials to open files. Because you have the ability to moderate permissions, no user has access to anything but what they require. Additionally, regular backups are made to protect your investment in the case of catastrophe or disaster.

Collaboration and Integration

Realistically, because of the mobile nature of the world, your employees will find a way to work on the go with or without company software. The benefit of company-wide mobile document software is the integration of every piece of your corporate puzzle. In fact, every file, every department, and every project will be connected effectively. No more “out of office” hold-ups. Instead, employees can participate and add to ongoing projects by uploading new files, editing current documents, and initiating a workflow, all in real time. And they do it all on whatever device they have, wherever they are, whenever they choose.

Mobility is nothing new, but it is on the verge of a takeover. Because of these changes, many companies struggle to keep employees satisfied. You can give your team the tools they need to be truly mobile. In fact, you can set your employees free, allowing them to collaborate and be effective at every time and in every place. If you would like to hear more about the mobile options that MaxxVault offers, contact us today.