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What do customers, resellers and partners have to say about MaxxVault? Read some of these testimonials and if you have something to say about the company or the software, please do so here, with the MaxxVault Review and Testimonial Submission Form.

CIO Review

"MaxxVault LLC follows tight development guidelines to make integration simple for the users with Microsoft Outlook and Office and especially the suite of Microsoft Dynamics products. The MaxxVault integration not only gives storage capability but also the ability to index documents while keeping up the workflow tasks directly from Microsoft Office suite of products. Users can send their day-to-day documents directly from Outlook into the cloud for storage and retrieval. Several tools like scanning, searching, and document manipulation assist this entire process"

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John Roberts, Accounts Payable

"The support at MaxxVault has been world-class since the beginning. As GoDaddy continues to grow and expand globally, MaxxVault has been able to customize and excel at meeting the needs of our organizations."


Alex Garnes, Vice President
Veritas HHS

"You guys have been outstanding. Richard is on schedule for getting me the stand-alone app so I can demo from my laptop this Thursday. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what your company is doing for us."


Joe Potrzebowski, Database Coordinator
Kohn Law Firm S.C.

"MaxxVault has completely updated and revamped the way we store and retrieve our electronic documents. Our initial goal was to simply replace the DMS we had in place, but once that was accomplished, we started implementing more and more of the features MaxxVault offers with nothing but resounding success, bringing us functionality that we had never had before. No matter how complete or impressive a piece of software is, it is useless without solid support to back it up when questions arise. To say MaxxVault's support is 'good' is simply an understatement – 'superb' is clearly more fitting."


BLI Solutions Report, Buyers Lab:

"MaxxVault Enterprise, from MaxxVault LLC, is a scalable document management system that delivers a range of document management and enterprise content management (ECM) features including capture of hardcopy and electronic documents, indexing, search, workflow, and annotating of stored documents. MaxxVault Enterprise's features are intended to help simplify document review processes and can eliminate inefficient paper-based workflows.

MaxxVault Enterprise is the company's most robust offering and is geared for the SMB market and scales for larger organizations. The company also offers its MaxxDocs product suitable for small offices, as well as a hosted MaxxCloud software-as-a-service implementation. MaxxVault Enterprise can serve businesses in any field, and the company offers market-specific versions for healthcare providers, legal offices and municipal government."



Janice Thurston
Phoenix Welding:

“Things are going well with the transition. I’m taking time to get to learn the software while auditing & testing templates to our DocStar templates to ensure consistency with list boxes, required fields, etc. while Steve is working on the linking of data from our Timberline software and Access databases, along with a few other tweaks.  I will be interested to see how the linked data works once it’s completed.
I’ve been very pleased with the implementation of the transition.  I’m pleased with the flexibility for me to work with the imported data while final configurations are being worked on, giving me the opportunity to get a good comfort level with the accuracy of the converted data, along with learning the MaxxVault software before going live.

Beyond the transition I’m looking forward to working with a more progressive entity; along with access to a knowledgeable support base on the product, something that we’ve heretofore not had a very positive experience with.”


Michael Farrell, Controller
United Consulting:

“MaxxVault has changed the way we do business. Even the employees most resistant to change love how it works. Their customer support is better than any other vendor I have ever dealt with. I would recommend MaxxVault to anyone interested in paperless management solutions!”


Donna Zarillo, IT Manager

"MaxxVault came on site and presented an application that was user-friendly."

"Server and desktop application setup was uncomplicated. The addition of custom forms coupled with easy scanning from several different printers and scanners make the administration for end-users quick and uncomplicated."


Vincent Villany, Director of Information Systems
Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation:

"The addition of MaxxVault has quickly eliminated a great deal of pressure on both our physical resources and our staff"

"The tremendous volumes of paper were quickly outgrowing our file rooms. Thanks to MaxxVault, not only do we have the growth under control but anticipate re-purposing storage space for offices or patient care."


Shari McGee, Placement Coordinator
New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc.:

"Since the implementation if MaxxVault two years ago, our productivity as a company has increased tremendously. With the previous document management software, we had to search manually for needed documents. MaxxVault is linked directly to our line-of-business software and this puts our documents one click away!

We are constantly evaluating our internal processes to see how MaxxVault, with its functionality, can make them more efficient. "


Freddy Marcel, Information Services Consultant
Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation:

"While the administration of MaxxVault requires no great effort, I am most impressed with the user-friendly interface. Since we have started with MaxxVault, I have not received any calls from the users looking for re-training or to troubleshoot a problem. I can think of no better information system than one that is so effortless that even casual users are able to manage it themselves."


Chris Black, CFO
Levinge Trucking:

"MaxxVault has played an instrumental part in our ability to speed up every aspect of our operations. We utilize MaxxVault for document imaging and storage, but we have also integrated it into our billing process. Our billing requires additional documentation that we obtain from shippers and/or consignees.  This documentation is often required to accompany an invoice. We are able to send our invoices through MaxxVault to print, and print the needed additional documents, while archiving the invoice at the same time. MaxxVault also allows us to speed up the processing of this paperwork by having our different terminal locations around the country image these documents so that we can invoice from our corporate headquarters the same day."


Shawn C. Zerges, Director of Information Technology
SNL Distribution Services, Inc.:

"I am 100% satisfied with the MaxxVault System. The security, audit trails and records management tools for archiving older records has made it much easier to abide by regulations for privacy and the maintenance of corporate records. Having used the MaxxVault system for 7 months, I anticipate that it will pay for itself before it is a year old."

“The team that supplied the sales and support are professionals that took care of any and all of my needs without question. I would recommend MaxxVault without reservation to anyone looking to increase their office productivity. We are already planning to expand our use of the system into the accounting department and really take advantage of the workflow tools for more efficient payment processing."


Justin Espinoza, Software Director
DOCUmation, Inc.:

"As a technology reseller we weed through many products before making a commitment to represent a manufacturer, and every so often one shines through the typical murky mess. MaxxVault is one of the best partners in the industry which takes customer feedback directly to product development thereby crafting a solution which is not only technically sound but extremely user friendly. The old adage of the devil being in the details is completely true in software and MaxxVault delivers on all the top concerns:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Security
  3. Open architecture
  4. Features and functionality
  5. Premier support.

Being the largest independent dealer in the state of Texas, we have our pick of thousands of products, and MaxxVault is our top choice because they truly understand what the customer wants to standardize and control business intelligence; then they stand behind it with a superb staff that continually goes above and beyond, to ensure that we and our customers are truly satisfied with their products."