MaxxVault Releases Updated Salesforce Connector

Automate your document process entirely in Salesforce, dynamically merging its data with your existing sales and service documents.

Bohemia, NY — January 8, 2015 — As companies consolidate and standardize sales and service processes on Salesforce, there are two priorities that rise to the surface: maximizing user adoption and leveraging every opportunity for sales and customer service staff to perform their jobs solely within Salesforce.

  • Access documents directly without ever leaving Salesforce 
  • Improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency

MaxxVault’s document automation services accomplish both. With MaxxVault, your sales and customer service teams work solely within the Salesforce environment and only with your Salesforce data to create, build, manage and store their documents.

Salesforce applications include:

Document Management

Automate the document creation process by dynamically merging Salesforce data into one or more document templates or by using e-forms.


Store and link virtually any type of documents or media files that your sales or service team members need to access directly in Salesforce.

Salesforce was created to automate the process of working with your prospect and customer data, but not necessarily supporting high document volume or high storage requirements. Too often, companies max out their file storage capacity faster than expected or resort to storing those documents outside of their Salesforce environment, which is neither efficient nor productive.

Workflow and Document Process Automation 

The solution to this time crunch is MaxxVault Workflow. MaxxVault’s workflow automate all of the steps of your document life cycle and reduce the amount of time you and your staff interact with documents so you can increase the amount of time selling to and servicing your customers.

MaxxVault offers multiple solutions for companies that utilize Salesforce and are looking to streamline their document creation and workflow processes and store those documents securely and cost-effectively.