MaxxVault OCR

MaxxVault OCR

You implement an electronic document management system to help you find documents quicker, process information faster and make your corporate information more readily available.

However, scanned images are just pictures to a computer. There is information in those images that would, ideally, be searchable. Thankfully, there is OCRVault which can turn that image into a text document, fully searchable and editable.

OCRVault can take your TIFF and PDF documents, using the most advanced Optical Character Recognition technology available, and accurately translate these once static images into text documents. MaxxVault can then use the text to populate index values and trigger workflow and filing rules. Imagine, a piece of paper goes into the scan feeder and is suddenly indexed and properly filed with fully editable content. You now also have the ability to manipulate the information or to find content using a full text search. Each of these tasks would have required tedious data entry to recreate the document or long hours of reading through documents.

Increase your office efficiency and access to information with OCRVault!


  • Provides text to: TIFF and PDF
  • Enables flat scans to be full text searchable
  • Captures text from the page to use in Indexes
  • Enables searching of scans based on content
  • Search by content can also allow for faster returns
  • Text can be edited

Benefits of OCR

  • No Re-typing – lost electronic files can be restored from physical printed copies
  • Auto Indexing – Captured text can be used in searchable index fields
  • Quick search – search content of documents in seconds – impossible with physical files
  • Accessibility – electronic text can be presented larger or with text-to-speech software for the visually impaired
  • Save Space – Millions of pages one hard drive
  • Power Search – Search not restricted by language

Machine Print and Dot Matrix text in any of the following 11 languages:

  • Danish
  • English (US or UK)
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Plus, recognition of Russian, Chinese Simple, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean characters.

Image Input

OCRVault will read images from either file or memory in the following formats:

  • TIFF (single or multi-page) all compression types
  • PDF

Valid resolutions include 200, 240, 300, 400, and 600 DPI as well as Standard or Fine FAX.

Image Enhancement

Improves image quality for better OCR using features such as:

  • Deskew
  • Despeckle
  • Image Registration
  • Image rotation
  • Line Removal

Up to 6 OCR Engines – Add a 4th, 5th or a 6th engine for up to 83% fewer errors.

Character Training – OCRVault can be trained to recognize specific character sets or fonts.

Multi-Processor Support – Use up to four processors in a multi-CPU system.


The OCRVault engine also supports barcode interpretation. Barcodes that appear on a document will be found and translated into the correct index value. Barcodes can also be used for any kind of data, including order numbers, address information, or dates and come in a variety of formats. OCRVault supports both 1D and 2D barcode recognition, so regardless of the symbology used by you or your partners, then the document will be indexed accurately.

Secure your business:

Achieve powerful search and retrieval via reliable indexing, taxonomy, and repository services. Locating information in MaxxVault couldn’t be easier.