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Direct Access to MaxxVault from ADL Data Systems’ OptimumSeries
and James McGuiness CLAIMS Software

One of the features that the editors at Buyers Laboratory found particularly strong in MaxxVault is our ease of integration with other business systems. At MaxxVault we understand that the easiest software to learn is one you already use. The more we can become a “feature” of an applications that is already in use at a client, the greater the efficiencies and success the installation achieves. MaxxVault is pleased to announce that we have added two new applications to our integration list:

  1. ADL Data Systems OptimumSeries Software
  2. James McGuiness & Associates County-Linked Agency Information Management System (CLAIMS)

ADL Data Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of software for nursing homes, with solutions for clinical care, management of Electronic Health Records (EHR), administration, billing and the financial departments. Extensive context defined searches allow users to retrieve stored documents from MaxxVault while continuing to work within the ADL OptimumSeries User Interface (UI).


James McGuiness & Associates is a custom software and information technology consulting firm providing technology assessments, system-wide or targeted software upgrades, technology planning and training, and software development. The CLAIMS software enables New York State Service Providers to easily enter attendance so that Therapist/Teacher payments are linked to billing, ensuring that nothing can fall through the cracks. Any documents related to the payment of Therapists are just a click away. Attendance lists, report, invoices, evaluations and other key documents are simple to access and review thanks to MaxxVault’s custom integration.

JMcGuiness-Screenshot-01 JMcGuiness-Screenshot-02

MaxxBolt features:

Seamless connector

Single click to add or retrieve documents

Automatically match patient records, images and insurance documents

Automatically route documents through workflow

Full document lifecycle management

Comprehensive capture for all source documents

Single repository for all resources, housed locally or in the Cloud