MaxxVault Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office® Integration

Microsoft Office is the linchpin of many organizations. From contracts in the legal department, spreadsheets in accounting and presentations in sales, workflows in engineering and e-mails in shipping, Microsoft Office documents are everywhere.

While Microsoft Office documents are used across your organization, they are not always easy to find in a central and secure location. In many cases, important files are stored on local computer drives or remain as email or email attachments, making them extremely difficult to access. MaxxVault provides the solution by granting direct access to the MaxxVault repository from within Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

From the same familiar MS Office interface, users can save a document to the MaxxVault central repository where it is secure and available to others. The MaxxVault Save function also prompts the user to index the document according to pre-defined criteria and locations. Gone are the days of sorting through files that are inconsistently filed or labeled – MaxxVault ensures documents are correctly indexed for quick and easy retrieval. Likewise, the MaxxVault desktop search tool can help users quickly find the document they need without having to open another program or window. When changes and edits are made to a file, users will also have the option to save the document as a new version in MaxxVault, right from the MS Office ribbon bar.

Email is becoming more and more important as a tool to communicate with colleagues, clients, and partners. Not only are the emails themselves often important, but they might also contain essential attachments. Ad hoc or by using Outlook rules, users can save important emails – along with their attachments – directly into MaxxVault. MaxxVault will automatically capture the TO, FROM, CC and SUBJECT fields and even prompt the user to complete other index fields as necessary. And of course, it is also simple to search for documents stored in MaxxVault to attach to any outgoing email.

Providing a central, secure and auditable central repository, MaxxVault makes it easy for Microsoft Office users to store
and route files to the appropriate folder or workflow. With direct integration to MS Office, your team won't have to learn a
new program to dramatically improve your corporate records management.


  • Launch the desktop search at any time, from within any application
  • Quickly find and attach documents to outgoing email
  • Save to MaxxVault in native format (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .msg)
  • Print to MaxxVault as PDF or TIFF
  • Drag and Drop documents into MaxxVault via desktop hot folder
  • Enforce consist indexing across the organization
  • Auto-capture and auto-index emails and their attachments
  • Option to save email attachments as separate documents
  • Launch from MaxxVault back into the MS Office application

Collaboration and Version control

  • All Microsoft Office documents stored in MaxxVault are full-text searchable.


Microsoft® Office Application Support (versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365):

  • Outlook ®
  • Word ®
  • Excel ®
  • PowerPoint ®