MaxxVault LLC Welcomes Chattanooga Business Machines (CBM) as a Reseller

MaxxDocs, MaxxCloud and MaxxVault find a new home in Chattanooga

Islandia, NY — Mar 06, 2012 / ( — MaxxVault LLC specializes in Enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) which provide enhanced document security, cost reductions through improved efficiency and tools to ensure regulatory compliance. Chattanooga Business Machines, Inc. (CBM) has provided the Chattanooga area with innovative document imaging technology and document management solutions since 1983. Today, both companies are pleased to announce that they have reached a partnership agreement that will bring robust, end-to-end document management solutions to Chattanooga area businesses.

“Our customers are looking to us to help them with the volume of documents they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis,” said Jeff Pepper, Sales Manager at Chattanooga Business Machines. “From our smallest to largest clients, all of them have to manage transactions that may include faxes, regular mail, e-mail and electronic files. Already weighed down by the pressure of doing business, there are also local, State and Federal regulations that impact how these documents are accessed, stored and archived. With the MaxxDocs solution, we now have a technology partner that can assist us in designing document management solutions that save our clients a great deal of time and money.”

With MaxxDocs, even the smallest of businesses can immediately benefit from a Chattanooga Business Machines designed document management solution. Both electronic files, such as MS Word or MS Excel can be stored along with scanned files, creating one complete file. “The team at Chattanooga Business Machines understands the document workflow process and knows how to help their clients realize the benefits of document management,” said Sharron Miller, MaxxDocs National Channel Manager. “We are very excited to have CBM as a partner and look forward to helping their clients achieve their goals.”

About MaxxVault

MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. Benefits of MaxxVault Enterprise include: reduced costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. MaxxVault is an open system; it is built using the latest technology which provides enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems. For more information about MaxxVault LLC, visit:

About Chattanooga Business Machines

Established in 1983, Chattanooga Business Machines, Inc. (CBM) has found success in offering their customers the best choice in office equipment. From traditional fax machines to multifunctional devices with faxing, copying, printing and e-mailing capabilities, Chattanooga Business Machines delivers the tools needed to keep the modern office running smoothly. Backed by outstanding service and support, Chattanooga Business Machines is the number one choice for organizations looking to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures. For more information about Chattanooga Business Machines, visit:

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