MaxxVault LLC Introduces Universal ECM Import and Export Connectors and Intelligent Content Search to Upcoming 7.0 Release

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MaxxVault LLC Introduces Universal ECM Import and Export Connectors and Intelligent Content Search to Upcoming 7.0 Release


Sharing and Finding Information within other ECM Systems has Never Been Easier!

MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software, is pleased to announce that in the upcoming version 7.0 of MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud information silos can be no more. With the new release, MaxxVault continues to be one of the market leaders in the ECM marketplace but now can share information with most other 3rd party Enterprise Content Management software systems and introduces Intelligent Content Searching. Intelligent Content Search will allow users to search for content that might be stored in other document repositories or network shares at the same time as doing a regular MaxxVault search. MaxxVault has had this functionality with SharePoint for the last 5 years but has expanded it to include other document repository vendors. The MaxxVault team will be adding Outlook Exchange to this search feature by Q4 of this year. The team at MaxxVault also recognizes that some customers have invested heavily in other ECM solutions over the years and has made it easy to share information between MaxxVault solutions and the other industry leading vendors.

The Intelligent Content Search feature in MaxxVault supports connectors to external systems and network folders. When a connector to an external system is setup the information contained within that system is instantly available via searching from any of the MaxxVault or MaxxCloud interfaces. MaxxVault partners will be able to develop their own 3rd party products connectors via our published API and Web Services calls. MaxxVault currently has Universal ECM Import and Export connectors for 9 vendors and will be adding more as needed when 7.0 is released.

“We are excited that will we be helping bridge the information gap that most companies have. We know that with all the digital transformation going on within companies today it’s highly likely that all key information is not contained in one system. Knowing this we came up with a way to easily share and find information across various software platforms,” states Alex Johnson, VP Software Development.   “Our development team is pushing hard to get 7.0 out the door in the next 90 days and that will include our improved AI Capture Automation called MaxxExtract.”


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