MaxxVault LLC Introduces Enterprise Cloud Based Content Sharing, MaxxSafe.

“With MaxxSafe you now have the best of both worlds, Enterprise Content Management + Secure Enterprise Cloud Based Sharing in one solution”

Bohemia, NY— Sept 7th, 2016 — MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software (ECM), is pleased to announce the release of their secure cloud based content sharing and syncing subscription service, MaxxSafe. With this product release, MaxxVault customers will now have a way to securely share and control the content they send externally. With MaxxSafe, companies can replace 3rd-party file sharing tools and preserve control of all content shared to external parties. MaxxSafe’s secure file sharing capabilities are fully integrated into MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud product offerings.

MaxxSafe can also be used as a stand-alone solution for managing control of documents and content your company shares with external clients, vendors and government agencies. MaxxSafe allows users to be able to set expiration time frames for how long the content is available to the external users and also allows access to that content to be revoked at any time. Internal company users can set additional controls on the content that is shared on whether it is view only, downloadable or full access. One of the biggest features of having MaxxSafe integrated into your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is you now have a complete audit trail for both internal and external users. For a complete list of MaxxSafe features please visit

MaxxSafe has 3 pricing levels Team, Business and Enterprise. The Team subscription option offers 15 internal named user accounts and up to 100 GB of content storage for $250 per month. The Enterprise subscription option offers some advanced features, increased storage and unlimited users. With the Enterprise subscription MaxxSafe can be used as a virtual data room or customer facing cloud document portal for your company.

“MaxxSafe will help our customers avoid the digital abyss that exists in almost every company as staff use unsanctioned file sharing tools to overcome the need to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of your organization”, states Bruce Malyon, CEO. “Our development team has been working hard over the last year to get MaxxSafe launched. I am very proud of our team and extremely excited about this new secure enterprise cloud based content sharing and syncing subscription platform we have created.”

“Secure external user file sharing and collaboration is now an option for MaxxVault and MaxxCloud customers”, states Alex Johnson, VP of Development. “With MaxxSafe you now have the best of both worlds, Enterprise Content Management plus Secure Enterprise Cloud Based Sharing in one solution. MaxxSafe and our ECM solutions will give our clients unprecedented control, accountably and access to all of their critical content. Our company tagline ‘Simple Just Got Easier’ might have to be updated to ‘Simple Just Got Easier for External Content Sharing and Control’”.

About MaxxVault LLC
MaxxVault LLC provides enterprise document management systems (EDMS), enterprise content management and enterprise document management solutions for the processing, distribution and control of corporate documents and other digital content. MaxxCloud helps businesses save money, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and meet regulatory compliance through industry-leading document management and workflow solutions. MaxxSafe is an enterprise file sharing and syncing subscription service that allows you to share your corporate content safely and securely to external users. Headquartered in Long Island, New York, MaxxVault LLC also has remote offices in key markets in the United States. For more info: