ISLANDIA, NY — Nov 15, 2010 / ( — MaxxVault LLC is proud to announce that the MaxxVault(TM) document management solution is certified VMware(TM) Ready. More and more companies around the world are adopting virtualized infrastructure as it helps reduce IT costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, and improve the security of existing IT assets. With this certification, companies that are already running virtualized infrastructures can rest assured that incorporating MaxxVault into their IT environment will be successful, as well as easy, to do.

“The benefits of a virtualized infrastructure are many,” said Ken Bly, CTO of MaxxVault, “But one of the most important for MaxxVault is the environmental benefit. Document management solutions are designed to help companies avoid costly paper printing, shipping and storage. Minimizing the requirements for paper, toner, fuel, and the need for environmental controls such as heat and air conditioning are just some of the benefits to be gained from MaxxVault. Reducing the number of physical servers and the energy they consume is essential to keeping the MaxxVault environmental footprint as small as possible for maximum savings for our clients.”

With VMware certification MaxxVault LLC reaffirms its commitment to providing flexible solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and are simple to use and easy to administer.